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…a friend, or simply admit the kind of women you fall for when you use this 'I Love Crack Whores' Bumper Magnet. Funny bumper magnet can be easily applied to all vehicles.
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Extend your love making session by using this amazing Prolonging Cream! Simply apply to male genitals and this odorless and tasteless cream will decrease the sensitivity in the penis, so you can provide your lover with a spectacular performance!
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Hit the right spot every time with this special formula G-spot Exciting Gel. Apply liberally inside vaginal walls to increase sensitivity and temporarily enlarge the G-spot, making it a cinch ti find.
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…humans take for granted. Murphy’s 100 drawings include: T-Rex Trying to Paint His House T-Rex Trying to Use a Drive-Through ATM T-Rex Trying to Apply Sunscreen T-Rex Trying to Break Into a Vending Machine T-Rex Trying to Ask for a New Roll of Toilet Paper from the Next Stall Pages: 128
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Sexology BJ Drops Adding BJ Drops will make your BJ tasty for you both! Cool, Hot, and Sweet for your sexy sensations. Apply as desired. Includes a 1 oz. Bottle of Cool Spearmint flavor, Hot Cinnamon Mint flavor, and Sweet Chocolate Mint flavor
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…-time feeling! Apply just a dab of this potent tightening gel to hydrate and tighten your vaginal walls. A blend of cinnamon, ginger, and cocoa extracts creates a tingling, full sensation that will lead to satisfying, orgasmic sex! Directions: Use a pea sized drop on your finger to apply Reverse Gel in…
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Tish and Snooky are here to take your boring style into a whole new world of vibrant colors and unique fashions. Just apply it and remember; live fast, DYE hard.
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…these hilarious Bachelorette party favors. SUGGESTIONS: • Have a few cocktails to loosen up prior to the game • Hostess visualizes which widget applies best to each guest, either by occupation, personality, etc. • Follow instructions for best results. • After game, use widgets as name tags. •…
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The Sweet Licks Warming Lube is the perfect way for you and your lover to get hot and tasty. Just apply it, warm up and have your fun.
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…silky smooth and will never leave you feeling sticky. Get naughty anywhere as our clear stimulating gel wont stain your clothes or your sheets. Pre-apply even before the party starts for that added surprise when licked off later. The bottle is small and discreet and has an easy flip top lid for one handed…
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…Make it feel like the first time, every time! Simply apply to the inside of the vagina and after 15 minutes you'll experience an even tighter squeeze! XTC (Clitoral Exciting Cream): Intensify your orgasm with this climax-coaxing cream! Apply a generous amount of the arousal cream to the clit and…
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…taunt when you put on a show of your own using these Black Rose Naughty Nipple Pasties 3-Pack. Each box contains 6 pieces and each pasty is easy to apply and remove, plus they are super comfortable!
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