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48" Blacklight Fixture

…sleek look 48" Black Light Fixture will light up most average sized rooms. This fixture is unique and sleek in design, and allows you to experience a full 360 degree Black Light Illumination for the first time! The electronic starter eliminates start-up flickering, as well. Use to light up glow in…

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18" Blacklight Mountable Fixture

This sleek 18 inch black light has a handsome black casing; it can be placed on a shelf or ledge or you can mount the blacklight on a wall or ceiling. Plug it in, kick back and party on. Great for dorm use!

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USB Linkable 24" Blacklight Fixture

Link up to 5 fixtures at once with the USB Linkable 24" Blacklight Fixture. This 14 Watt, 24 Inch Fixture is Replaceable with a T5 lightbulb 120v AC 60HZ. No batteries required. Alternative screw mounting no tools required

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Black Light Bulb 13 Watt

Set the mood with this awesome black light that lets you convert an ordinary lamp into a black light. Simply remove conventional light bulb and replace with this 13 watt black light to get the party started.

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Linkable LED Lights

…different light combinations when you use the Linkable LED Lights. This package contains three lights (yellow, blue, red) along with a controller box. Each spot light contains 47 LED lights and you can link two or more lights together to create your own wild light show. These lights are sound…


Black Light Liquid Chalk 5-Pack

Decorate windows and all non-porous surfaces with the Black Light Liquid Chalk 5-Pack. This package contains five vibrant colors of liquid chalk pens. Colors include green, orange, pink, yellow and red.

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12" Battery Operated Black Light

This 12" Sleek Look Black Light is a great addition to any party basement, bedroom or any room where you chill with your friends. It runs on 8AA batteries and comes with a car adaptor so you can use it in the car or anywhere else. A standard wall 12V 500ma adaptor may also be used but is not…

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Black Light Bulb 75 Watt

Add to the mood of your 60's, 70's or retro party and use our 75 Watt Black Light Bulb. Watch the neon glow. Fits all standard incandescent sockets.

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48 inch Blacklight Replacement Tube

Make sure the party is always going with the 48 inch Blacklight Replacement Tube. This blacklight replacement fits perfectly into a 48 inch blacklight fixture.

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Neon Paint Set 6 Pk

Create outrageous blacklight responsive art that glows in the dark with this colorful 6 pack of neon paint. The bright paint set includes neon colors yellow, orange, blue, pink, purple and green. Make fantastic landscapes or decorations for any crazy party, event or hang out. All you need is a…

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Black Light 22 Watt CFL Bulb

Throw on some white clothes and project black light and special effects at night with this 22 Watt CFL Bulb Black Light. This black light allows you to convert an ordinary lamp into a black light - and immediately get ANY party started.


Black Fiber Optic Tree

LumiSource Fiber Optic Tree, Black - Fiber optic arms can be bent and flexed into interesting branch shapes. The lamp is adjustable to three height levels by adding or removing sections. Total heights are: 25, 35 or 45 inches. Measures 8 D x 45 H (inches).


Black Light Body Paint

Liquid Latex Fashions manufactures an ammonia free liquid latex body paint that is made with the highest quality ingredients making it safe for use on the skin. Kit includes 4-1 oz. paint colors (Neon Orange, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow) and 4 Brushes. liquid Latex adheres permanently to many…

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Glow Pong Mixed Competition Game Set

Game on, glow on and get your drink on with the Glow Pong Mixed Competition Game Set. This glow in the dark set takes your pong skills and popularity to a whole new level. With 24 cups that light-up in 7 different colors everyone is coming to your dorm room or place to play pong.

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Cigarette Loads

Play a great joke on your favorite smoker with this cigarette load. Simply insert one of these into the soon-to-be lit end of a cigarette. When your unsuspecting victim lights up, the cigarette load will BLOW THE END right off the cigarette. Ka-BOOM! Hilarious and fun!


Bulb Base

With its sleek, metal design and easy portability, this bulb base is ideal for any party where the goal is to BE and BE SEEN!


Super LED Dome Plus

The Super LED Dome Plus is a party in a box! It features red, green and blue LED lights. It is sound activated, has a strobe effect, adjustable speed control, and a DMX Control. Can be displayed on a shelf or hung from the ceiling.

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Large Dome Disco Bulb

Turn any light fixture into an instant party with the Large Dome Disco Bulb. This sound activated multicolor LED light can be used in an overhead ceiling fixture so that the downward light effects will illuminate walls and floors. This bulb can replace any standard bulb.

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Mini Hanging Flame Light

This charming flame light looks great in any number of settings from bedrooms and dorm rooms to decks and patios. Plus, now that it is Halloween time, it can serve doubly as a decoration and light source. This hanginglamp comes with replacement bulbs and uses a power cord for power.

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Glowing Competition Game Set-Green vs. Ice Blue

Play beer pong anytime, even if the power goes out, with this Glowing Competition Game Set-Green vs. Ice Blue. No black light required on this patented cup design, with 8-12 hours of glow activation this set features two team colors and comes complete with 4 balls and ball charging unit.


8' Glowing Beer Pong Table

Bring the rave into your living room with this 8' Glowing Beer Pong Table! You can't pick a wrong side with this neon green and icy blue light up table. Features light-up edges that keep your ball in play, so gather your best buddies and have a shoot off!

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Glow in the Dark Finger Paints 5 Pack

Splatter theGlow in the Dark Finger Paints 5 Pack on your partner, turn off the lights and turn up the music and seek each other out for the most exciting romp of your life. These 5 glow in the dark paints come in passion pink, dazzling blue,luminous green, radiant yellow and glowing orange.