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ADULT Glow-In-The-Dark Body Finger Paints box In the middle of the night you can bring an exciting new twist to those special moments with our new Glow-In-The-Dark Adult Body Finger Paints!
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Take intimate play time to new erotic heights with Edible Body Paints Play Kit. Write your most inner desires on your partners body, and explore intimate fun in a sexy new way!
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Liquid Latex Fashions is pleased to offer a Liquid Latex Body Paint Black Light Kit that when used in a black light environment, the paint will glow and really show off your creation! This kit includes 6 colors of Liquid Latex Fluorescent Body Paint. Each kit has 2oz jars with the following colors: Fluorescent…
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Liquid Latex Fashions manufactures an ammonia free liquid latex body paint that is made with the highest quality ingredients making it safe for use on the skin. Kit includes 4-1 oz. paint colors (Neon Orange, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow) and 4 Brushes. liquid Latex adheres permanently to many…
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…can make "Intimate Play Time" really come alive with these great tasting Multi Fruit Flavored Body Paints! Get creative as you dare when you write your inner desires "Down There" on your lover's favorite Body Parts! Come in 4 assorted Fruit flavors : Strawberry, Cherry, Green Apple & Blue Raspberry!
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Let your creative juices flow…Transform your lover's body into a living, breathing work of art! Use the softest brush or your fingers to paint all over your lover as the live canvas. The kit includes stencils with erotic shapes to instigate your imagination and sexual creativity.
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…desires on your lover's body with these fun neon "Play Paints"! These bright assorted clored paints, are easy to use, and fun to play with. Let your lover really know what's on your mind during play time! Water based, non-staining. Includes Five 1 ounce containers of body paint-pink, yellow, blue, green…
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Turn ordinary love-making into the most delicious task known to man when you use the Lick Me Chocolate Body Paint. This package contains three 1.5 oz jars of tasty flavors including: milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. Slap it on and lick it off!
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This sophisticated chocolate nougat specialty spoils the palate and also the senses. With our Chocolate Body Paint you can conjure seductive patterns on the skin, which is then equally passionate "remove" again leave. Application brush included.
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…Includes: Furry Love Cuffs, Satin Rose Petals, Mini-Mite Massager & Heads, Lover's Coupon Book, Mega-Stretch Cockring, Satin Love Mask, Edible Body Paint, Flavored Warming Massage Lotion, 2 Hot Wax Candles
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Exclusive Body Prep, Clean and Finish kit. With these three bottles, your Latex Experience will be twice as nice as what the other guys try to sell you. Our Finish sprays are free of petroleum and silicon, which means your paints will stay on, not stick and when you're ready, come off cleanly and easily…
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$8.97 Reg $19.99
…twist to those special moments with our new Glow-In-The-Dark Adult Finger Paints! Your lover's body is the canvas and you are the artist! Draw anything anywhere on the body using these glow in the dark finger paints. Paint and play on your sexy canvas, then flick off the lights to reveal your masterpiece…
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