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Mirror Madness Rotating Mirror Ball with LED Lights

Shift your party into overdrive with the Mirror Madness Party Light. Not only does the mirror ball rotate, but it comes with 2 colored LED Spotlights. If that isn't enough, it's kicked up a notch with 4 powerful LEDs mounted onto the base for maximum reflection action. It also includes a hook for…

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Twin Rotating Disco Ball

The LED Twin Disco Ball Light is a perfect addition to any party! Color changing LED light show in red, green and blue. Can be displayed on a shelf or hung from your ceiling. Great for parties or the Mobile DJ. Includes AC 120V Adaptor.


Party Disco Light Kit

…into a party when you liven things up with this funky Party Disco Light Kit! This small, portables and versatile kit will provide a disco atmosphere to parties by projecting a sparkle effect onto surfaces. Dance the night away with colorful fun, complete with a mirror ball, DC motor and color wheel!


Pro Strobe Light

Mesmerize your friends with this Pro Strobe Light. Add fog (sold separately) to create an eerie yet frenetic atmosphere for your haunted house or cemetery scene. Or pair with a disco ball (sold separately) to kick off the New Year with some creative dance moves!


Reg $34.99

Handheld Disco Ball

The Handheld Disco Ball projects a rotating light pattern around the room, sparking an instant party ambiance wherever you go!


Black Light Beer Pong Rack

Play beer pong in the dark with the help of the Black Light Beer Pong Rack. Using black lights (not included) you can have an out of this world beer pong tournament! This package contains two racks, 22 black light reactive cups and 3 black light reactive balls.


Black Light Wasted Beer Pong Kit

Includes 24 Cups and 3 Balls that are responsive to blacklight



White Girl Wasted Black Light Beer Pong Cups & Balls SetPong Kit

Get the party jumping when you play pong with the White Girl Wasted Black Light Beer Pong Cups & Balls Kit. This set contains 24 clear, plastic cups with pink "White Girl Wasted" details, complete with three pink balls.


Color Changing Skull Plasma Light

Get electrified with the sound-active skull Plasma light. This novelty light will be an instant accent in any room. Feel the electricity flow through your fingers as you touch the glass ball.


Small LED Ball

Project a wild array of colorful diamond shapes when you use the Small LED Ball. This plastic party device can easily spice up any gathering with the flick of a switch!


Sound Activated Plasma Ball

Get "electrified" with the 8 inch Sound Activated Plasma Ball. This novelty light will be an instant accent in any room. Feel the electricity flow through your fingers as you touch the glass ball.


Sound Activated Peace Plasma Ball

Peacefully electrify the party when you decorate using the Sound Activated Peace Plasma Ball. This radical novelty light is an added bonus for any room. Touch the glass and feel the electric peace run through your fingers!


Glow in the Dark Star Beer Pong Balls 6-Pack

Be the star of all drinking games when you use the Glow in the Dark Star Beer Pong Balls 6-Pack. Black light reactive pong balls feature pink star graphics.


Reg $7.99

Glowing Competition Game Set-Green vs. Ice Blue

Play beer pong anytime, even if the power goes out, with this Glowing Competition Game Set-Green vs. Ice Blue. No black light required on this patented cup design, with 8-12 hours of glow activation this set features two team colors and comes complete with 4 balls and ball charging unit.


'She Ain't No 70's Ho' Inflatable Love Doll

If you thought disco sucks, wait until you meet this sexy lil seventies slut! Just add air and this smokin' mamma jamma will suck the chrome off a disco ball faster than you can say dy-no-mite! Her warm wet pussy is hotter than a fever on Saturday night! She's so far-out fine, she even makes…