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Black Glow Fake Plug Set

There's no need to get a large piercing in order to get that certain look when you use the Black Glow Fake Plug Set. These acrylic and steel earrings feature a glow-in-the-dark outer ring!


18 Gauge Ultraviolet Fake Plug 2 Pk

This Gauge has the post of an 18 gauge and the actual circular black part represents about a 2 gauge; which is approximately 6 mm or ¼”.

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Batman Logo Fake Taper Set

Sport your favorite superhero on your ears with the officially licensed Batman Logo Fake Taper Set. No need for overstretching your ear lobes when you wear this 16 gauge fake acrylic taper.


Glow in the Dark Diamond Fake Plug Set

You'll be stylin' with or without the sunlight when you rock the Glow in the Dark Diamond Fake Plug Set. These 18 gauge, fake plugs feature a day of the dead theme and thread closures.


Jesus Fake Plug Set

Praise Him when you wear the 18 Gauge Jesus Fake Plug Set. Consider it a miracle that you don't have to widen your piercing in order to achieve this larger gauge look!


Black & White Polka Dot Fake Plug 2-Pack

Black & White Polka Dot Fake Plug 2-Pack features two pairs of silver surgical steel bars with a mix of black and white polka dot circular closures. Made for the average ear piercing so no stretching is required!


18 Gauge Fake Plug 2 Pk

This package comes with one set of fake stainless steel plugs. Surgical stainless steel.

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18 Gauge Batman Logo Fake Spiral Set

Get the wild look you want without over stretching your ear lobes with the 18 Gauge Batman Logo Fake Spiral Set. This pair of black, acrylic spirals feature allover, yellow Batman logos.

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2G Black White Star Fake Magnetic Plug

Wear them like they're real when you sport this 2G Black White Star Fake Magnetic Plug. No one will know the difference when you wear this black cylindrical plug with white outline and star detail.


Silver Screw Fake Plug 2-Pack

The Silver Screw Fake Plug 2-Pack features one pair of silver, stainless steel screw plugs. The 18 gauge pair of earring also features thread closures.

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Female Painless Piercing

Whether you want to scare Mom or see what that eyebrow piercing would look like before you fully commit, go with the Female Painless Piercing! These cute piercings come in four colors so you can switch it up anytime you want.


White Fake Plug Set

Use this White Fake Plug Set to acquire that certain look without stretching out your lobes too much! Stainless steel bar features white acrylic end pieces.


White & Black Fake Plug

White & Black Fake Plug features surgical steel bar and white circular double sided closure with black outlining.

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