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This Gauge has the post of an 18 gauge and the actual circular black part represents about a 2 gauge; which is approximately 6 mm or ¼”.
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White & Black Fake Plug features surgical steel bar and white circular double sided closure with black outlining.
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Stop the Joker and the rest of Gotham's villains when you wear the officially licensed Batman Logo Fake Plug Set. Black end pieces feature yellow and black batman logos.
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The 18 Gauge White & Black Star Cubic Zirconia Fake Plug Set gives you the opportunity to get that larger gauge look with a smaller gauge piercing. White, gem encrusted end pieces features black stars, so you'll be shining whether the sky is clear or not!
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The 18 Gauge Green with Black Splatter Fake Plug Set allows you to get the look you desire without stretching out you ear lobes too much! Fake plugs feature thread closures which make them easy to wear.
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The Rasta Leaf Fake Plug Set features thread closure jewelry with Rastafarian color scheme. These 14 gauge fake plugs also feature a pot leaf graphic.
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Use this White Fake Plug Set to acquire that certain look without stretching out your lobes too much! Stainless steel bar features white acrylic end pieces.
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Draft these earrings into your possession when you wear this Camo Fake Plug. Silver steel barbell includes two flat circular end caps with classic green and black camouflage pattern.
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Blue Glitter Fake Plug looks even better than the real thing! Black circular end pieces feature ice blue tiny crystal gemstones so flash your bling! Stainless steel bar.
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Get the look you want without over stretching your ear lobes when you wear the Black Stone Cubic Zirconium Fake Plug Set. Jewelry features a thread closure and a black stone surrounded by several clear cubic zirconia.
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