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Sunscreen Flask

…choice and don't wait in those long lines to pay WAY too much $$$. No leaving your seat for a refill! This food grade sunscreen bottle acts as a flask you can use to smuggle booze into concerts, concerts, Vegas pools, beaches, and sporting events. Fill with your favorite alcohol and bring into…

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Tampon Flask

THE UNTOUCHABLE! Guys won't even look at a tampon much less handle it at security. WOMEN - You know you gotta have it! The tampon shot holder will never be questioned at your venue. Bring alcohol onto cruises, Vegas pools, concerts, sporting events, clubs, bachelorette parties and more. Makes a…

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Soft Flask

Take you favorite liquor with you no matter where you go when you have a Soft Flask. This package contains 4 soft flasks that hold 4 ounces each, and comes complete with a funnel for easy refills.

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Hip Flask 8 Ounce

4.42"H x 3.40"w x 1.05" Thickness 8 ounce capacity


64 oz 'Merica Eagle Flask



The Original Big Ass Flask

…Ass Flask. This puppy holds 64 ounces of the nectar of the gods. Plenty to get any party started or to last the length of an overtime football game being played in sub-zero conditions (staying warm is a priority, people). Give the gift that keeps on giving with the mammoth original Big Ass Flask.


Chemistry Book Flask

You'll really make the grade with the Chemistry book. Hidden inside is a stainless steel flask, ready to hold all your favorite concoctions.



Porthole Flask

Sneak a drink with the conveniently sized Porthole Flask. Steel circular flask features an easy twist off cap and a clip, so you can always keep it close.


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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Disposable Flasks 4-Pack

Make a quick drink easy when you have the officially licensed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Disposable Flasks 4-Pack. This package contains four disposable flasks that hold 7.5 fluid ounces and features each ninja turtle: Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo and Donatello.


64oz Drink up Bitches Flask

It's magic, do as the 64oz Drink up Bitches Flask says and you'll have a memorable, or not so memorable night. This large flask holds everything from those girly pink drinks to the hard stuff.

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Trippy Leaf Plastic Flask Set

It's like a juicebox for your joy juice. This Trippy Leaf Plastic Flask set contains THREE disposable flasks, each featuring a fantastical pot leaf tie-dye design. These flasks - which each hold 7/5 ounces of liquid goodness - stand, freeze and fold, making them plenty flexible and right for any…


6 oz. Turquoise Foil Flask

Add some glam to your flask collection with this 6 oz. Turquoise Foil Flask. Blue-green, like the rolling ocean waves, this flask holds plenty of liquid goodness to help you enjoy whatever event you've been roped into going to.


6 oz. Octopus Boat Foil Flask

Drinks ahoy, matey! Fill up this 6 oz. Octopus Boat Foil Flask and set sail for adventure. This stainless steel flask, with molded lid, will make you the captain of your very our party ship.


Pink Pebble Flask

You can hang and still look glam, just use the Pink Pebble Flask. This glitzy and glamorous flask holds everything from the girliest of drinks to the hardest drinks around. So go ahead and live it up!


64 oz. Confederate Flag Flask

Head southbound in a hurry when you fill up this 64 ounce Confederate Flag Flask. Holding a whopping half-gallon of your favorite moonshine, this flag will have you whistling Dixie in no time.


The Joker Disposable Flask 3 Pk

The joke's on you if you don't get the officially licensed Justice League The Joker Disposable Flask 3-Pack. Batman may protect the city, but no one has as much fun destroying it all as the Joker! Each reusable flask is dishwasher safe and holds 7.5 fluid ounces.


Reg $9.99