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Doc Johnson Good Head Liquid Strawberry Spray

Bring your sexual contact to the next level when you use Doc Johnson Good Head Liquid Strawberry Spray. This oral delight spray is delicious, liquid strawberry flavor that heightens your love-making experience.


Doc Johnson 'Good Head' Oral Gel 5 Pk

Flavor scented tasty oral delight gel. Good Head's 5 mouth watering flavors: Mystical Mint, Wild Cherry, Sweet Strawberry, Juicy Passion Fruit and Sexy Cinnamon in this mini 5 pack of 1 oz. bottles. Find your favorite flavor. Takes oral sex to the next level.


Sweet Licks Warming Lube Sample Set 12 Pk

Propel your pleasure to new levels with these tasty, teasing and tantalizing lubes. Rub it on, Heat it up, Lick it off! Includes: Cherry, Vanilla, Raspberry, Watermelon, Strawberry, and Passion Fruit flavors. Contains 12-4cc pillow packs.


Oralove Delicious Duo Peaches & Cream Lickable Lube

…with these delicious peaches & cream lubricants. Use separately or combine them to make her body your tongue-tying tasty treat. So sweet and creamy, one lick will leave you both wanting more. •Contains Two, 1 oz. bottles •Water-based lubricants •2 Unique Flavors •Non-staining •Hypoallergenic


Comfortably Numb Mint Chocolate Deep Throat Spray

Comfortably Numb is a flavored desensitizing spray specially formulated to reduce the discomfort associated with oral sex. The refreshing mist contains a mild numbing agent that coats the back of the throat, helping to suppress gag reflex and prevent discomfort during oral sex. Discreet enough to…

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The Perfect Blow Job Kit

Give your man the perfect BJ when you use the Blow Job Kit. This package comes complete with a spit bag, breath mint, plastic pearl necklace bib, flavored lube, and popping body candy. Going down has never been so fun!


Doc Johnson Good Head Strawberry Oral Sex Mints

Flavored desensitizing mints. For the ultimate blow job. Individually wrapped oral sex mints. Good Head once only available as a lickable oral sex gel is now in a more convenient mint. Deep throat like never before. Helps suppress the gag reflex. Doubles as a minty breathe freshener. Easy to use.…


Sweet Licks Cherry Lube

Things are about to heat up when you use the Sweet Licks Cherry Lube. This great tasting lubricant warms to the touch. So, rub it on, heat it up and lick it off!


Spark Strawberry 2oz Lube

Ignite a fire of passion inside your lover when you use Spark Strawberry 2oz Lube. This strawberry flavored, lickable lubricant is great for all sexual activities and is sure to get you well on your way!


Bj Blast 3pack Oral Candy

…worlds only fizzing, popping, bursting, exploding ORAL SEX CANDY! Just sprinkle some in your mouth and go down for the ride of their life. Eating out will never be the same! Each packet contains enough to share the fun! Contains one pack of the following flavors: Cherry, Green Apple and Strawberry.

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Hott Love Bubblegum Lubes 5 Pk

Five 1 ounce tubes of flavored lubes Flavors:orange,strawberry,grape,raspberry,sour apple


Frutopia Lube

The Frutopia lube uses 100% natural fruit flavor to give it its yummy taste. Being sweetened naturally and sugar free, you can guarantee tantalizing taste without the sugary overkill. This lube is slip-slidingly water-based, vegan and latex friendly too. What's not to love? Use whenever, wherever,…


Oralove Kit for Her

…finger mini-vibe gives your foreplay and handiwork a boost. When it’s time to make the night a real treat, the delicious Peaches & Cream flavored lubricants combined with the oral pleasure tips assure she’ll be coming again and again. Includes helpful oral pleasure tips & tricks card.…


Rainbow Cock-Pops 12 Pk

…are really pretty! Just like the candy swirl lolly we begged our parents for at the fair when we were kids, but in a penis shape! Yummy fruit flavors on a hard wood stick. This is a really nice big piece of candy and is perfect for gift giving to someone especially naughty.12 pack box is available…


Sweet Licks Red Velvet Cupcake Lube

Things are about to heat up when you use the Sweet Licks Red Velvet Cupcake Lube. This great tasting lubricant warms to the touch. So, rub it on, heat it up and lick it off!


Edible Female Thong

Here's something both lovers can fully enjoy! This succulent chocolate covered cherry flavored thong is perfect for getting your favorite kind of trouble started… Divine to the last nibble, we say!

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Rainbow Jumbo Cock Pop

Taste the rainbow of flavors when you lick the Rainbow Jumbo Cock Pop. This super-sized, penis-shaped lollipop is a D-licious treat for any bachelorette.


Hott Love Extreme Lickable Cherry Lube

The Hott Love Extreme Lickable Cherry Lube is a water-based, flavored lubricant that adds the perfect delectable taste to your nocturnal pleasures. This non-sticky, non-greasy formula won't stain fabrics and cleans up easily with soap and water.


Cheesy Pecker Puffs

They're crunchy on the outside, light and and fluffy on the inside, and bursting with delicious cheddar cheese flavor! Pop these bite-size peckers in your mouth and you won't be able to stop crunching! Perfect for your next cocktail party, bridal shower, or even just a mid-day snack, Pecker Puffs…


BJ Drops 4 Pk

Get blown away with these sinfully tasty flavors! Delight, excite & ignite your partner with these cool, tasty, minty drops! Includes: Wint-Ah Mint, Sin-a-Mint, X-spear-a-Mint & Choc-ohh Mint! 10cc bottle of each!

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Good Head Gel Watermelon

Oral sex has many names. Some may sound crude and some clinical, but they all refer to the same thing. And like any sex act, it can always be improved with a little variation. Put a fun spin on your next blowjob with Good Head oral delight gel. Smeared with a little Watermelont-flavored Good Head, a…


Mint Blowpaste

Put that tingle in his dingle when you use Mint Blowpaste! This tube of mint-flavored lubricant will surely enhance your next romp in the bedroom.


Sexology Try It Kit

The Try it Kit from Sexology features 3-2 ounce bottles Get Me Started Silicone Lube Lick Me Berry-Lickable Berry flavored BJ Juice Hot Massage Warming Oil


Oral Sex Essentials Kit 4 Pc

…Head Job Oral Sex Lotion, Moist Flavored Lube, and BJ Blast Oral Sex Candy. The Comfortably Numb is a desensitizing spray that gently numbs the throat, while the Head Job Oral Sex Lotion is a flavored cream that makes any man lick-ably delicious. Try the flavored Moist for an extra wet, extra…