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Fog Machine

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700 Watt Fog Machine with LED & Timer

Set the scene and get the atmosphere just right when you use this 700 Watt Fog Machine with LED & Timer. Whether throwing a party or creating a haunted house, this incredible fogger will get the job done! Fog juice sold separately.

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1 Gallon Fog Fluid

The perfect fog creating fuel for the FX-8 Fog maker or the Low Lying Fog Machine. Filled with this liquid, these devices will provide hours of entertainment! Whether setting an eerie mood or blowing up electrifying dance floor lights, this product spells enhanced ambiance.

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1 Quart Fog Fluid

To make the perfect setting for any party, haunted house, concert or whatever, a fog machine is perfect. But the fog machine is nothing without the juice, so grab this quart and go fog yourself! Click here for additional info