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Beginners Bit Gag

…meaning of submissive in no time with this PVC Bit Gag. Made from the same durable material as plastic PVC pipes, this firm gag is great for pony play or gag beginners. The vinyl straps easily adjust to fit most sizes, while they connect to the gag using a sturdy metal O-ring. It's great for small…


X Rated Candies

Each bag is 2.8 oz Saying include: Fuck off, You Suck, Blow Me, Hard Nipples, Let's Fuck, Eat Me, Got Dick?, Got Pussy?, No Panties, Nice Tits, Nice Ass, Wet Lips, Doggy Style, Spank Me, Big Dick, and Do Me


Midget Man Tuggie

Keep your member warm with the Midget Man Tuggie. This polyester, animal print c*ck sock is perfect for pint-sized pecker and makes an incredible and hilarious gag gift.


Phoney Lottery Tickets

These fake lottery tickets are the hottest new gag gift on the market. Cause a stir today by giving one to a friend, co-worker or enemy. Let them think that they've won $10,000. And then laugh at their expense!

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Running Roach

Freak out your friends and family when you prank them with the Running Roach. Know someone who can't stand the thought, or sight of insect? Watch them go crazy when you pull-back, and let this toy go right under their feet.


Shakespeare Insult Generator: Mix and Match More than 150,000 Insults in the Bard's Own Words

Put dullards and miscreants in their place with more than 150,000 handy mix-and-match insults in the bard's own words. This entertaining insult generator and flip book collects hundreds of words from Shakespeare's most pointed barbs and allows readers to combine them in creative and hilariously…



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Potato Chip Snake Can

The Potato Chip Snake Can is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Just open the top and out leaps long fabric snakes! Perfect for any of your cabinet and refridgerator raider friends.

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The Ultimate Dirty Joke Book

If you reveal in making your friends and family slightly uncomfortable with your sick sense of humor you need The Ultimate Dirty Joke Book. Tell the dirtiest jokes on earth, and let that twisted sense of humor shine.


Dickey Specs

Do you smell something funny? It must be the Dickey Specs! This pair of seriously re-DICK-u-lous spectacles will send roaring laughter through any party!