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Lil' Dick in a Box

It's a romantic evening alone with your favorite girl. The fireplace is glowing, the drinks are chilled and the mood is right. It's time to give her... LIL' DICK IN THE BOX

I Heart Pussy Lounge Pants

Tell us how you really feel. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, exclaim your love of all things, um, feline with these I Heart Pussy lounge pants (graphic of a cat's face emblazoned on the heart included, of course). If you truly adore pussy, these lounge pants are worth your hard-earned clams.

Brewzies Party Bra

Masturbating Midget Man Wind Up

…exception! Wind him up and watch this pint-sized player beat his massive manhood! This shrimpy stroker is stocky, cocky, and ready to party all night long! He's locked, cocked and always loaded, wind him up and watch him beat his meat! Masturbating Midge makes the perfect gag gift for any occassion!

Small Pecker Condoms

Hey, even guys with small peckers need protection, that is if there is ever any action. But in any case, if you know a guy (or are a guy) who may be in need of a case of Small Pecker Condoms, don't hesitate to get them, you may be saving a life or at least getting one.

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Toilet Seat Turd

Freak out your roommates when you use the Toilet Seat Turd. Practical jokes are fun, but there's not much funnier than a good poop prank. So, prank whoever is next in line for the bathroom when you place this turd, designed specifically to lay on the toilet seat, right there on the porcelain throne.

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'Old Fucker' Over-sized Mug

Super-size your favorite beverage or just size-up to avoid spills with our hefty, 15 oz. ceramic Large Coffee Mug. Large easy-grip handle. When you need more, mug it up. Measures 4.5" tall, 4" diameter Dishwasher and microwave safe

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I Got a Dig Bick Tee

Play a mind trick, or two, on anyone who sees you wearing the I Got a Dig Bick Tee. This black, cotton t-shirt features white, screen printed lettering that doesn't quite say what you think it does, but then again...

Tampon Flask

…WOMEN - You know you gotta have it! The tampon shot holder will never be questioned at your venue. Bring alcohol onto cruises, Vegas pools, concerts, sporting events, clubs, bachelorette parties and more. Makes a great gag gift too! BYOB and Save Money! Includes 5 Fake Tampons with Wrappers.

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Comfortably Numb Mint Chocolate Deep Throat Spray

…the discomfort associated with oral sex. The refreshing mist contains a mild numbing agent that coats the back of the throat, helping to suppress gag reflex and prevent discomfort during oral sex. Discreet enough to take with you wherever you go, this special spritz doubles as a breath freshener…

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'Pop-Up-Pecker' Lighter

This gag lighter is a great way to "spark" up any conversation. It's perfect, all you have to do it offer it to a person who asks for a light, then when they click, well, let's just say it won't light their cigarette.

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Yeah, It's a Boy Sonogram Maternity Fitted Tee

See it. You'll have to squint. But if you look real close, you'll see his little thing. That's why you've got this "Yeah, It's a Boy Sonogram" Maternity Tee. You're very little man is on his way. Tell all with this 100% cotton fitted maternity t-shirt.

Over The Hill Pecker Exerciser

Don't just exercise, peckercise when you use the Over The Hill Pecker Exerciser. This hilarious gag gift makes a great birthday present to the aging man you desperately wants to stay in shape.

Fetish Fantasy Series Breathable Ball Gag

Take control of your fantasies tonight with the Fetish Fantasy Breathable Ball Gag. Designed for comfort, the firm, non-toxic rubber ball has breathing holes for your willing submissive. The high quality, leather strap measures 10 inches in length. Simply adjust the buckle for the perfect fit. Add…

Over the Hill Coffin Gift Set

Prepare yourself for life underground, haha, you get it? The Over the Hill Coffin Gift Set includes seven over the hill gifts that take you into those wondrous years of forgetting things, driving slow and dentures.

Doc Johnson Good Head Mint Deep Throat Spray

Delicious mint throat desensitizer that helps alleviate the gag reflex during oral sex 2.4 ounces

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First Time Bondage Kit

Everything you need to take your lover's breath away can all be found in the First Time Bondage Kit. This package contains one feather tickler, a love mask, breathable ball gag, rope whip and love dice.

Cigarette Loads

Play a great joke on your favorite smoker with this cigarette load. Simply insert one of these into the soon-to-be lit end of a cigarette. When your unsuspecting victim lights up, the cigarette load will BLOW THE END right off the cigarette. Ka-BOOM! Hilarious and fun!

Cigarette Stinkers

Wanna get rid of all the moochers who are always trying to bum a cigarette off you? Or maybe you want to pay a practical joke of your favorite smoker. These cigarette stinkers are hilarious...and effective. Simply place one in the end of a cigarette and light up to produce a god-awful, foul odor.

Penis Creamer

You always need a little extra cream in your life. The Penis Creamer is a great bachelorette party gift that makes the whole crew laugh their heads off. Just pour your favorite creamer out of this ceramic willie and make one dirty cup o' joe.