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Blow Job Kit

Keep clean and jizz-free when you use the Blow Job Kit. This kit includes gloves, an apron, over-sleeves and a hairnet. Blow jobs are no longer a messy chore with this useful kit.


The Tuggie Sock

Snuggle up with the fuzzy sock that warms your cock! The original Tuggie is perfect for warming your morning-wood, hiding your afternoon boners, and disguising those all-day semis. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations—only the Tuggie keeps your hands-free and your junk covered anywhere you go!…

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'Pop-Up-Pecker' Lighter

This gag lighter is a great way to "spark" up any conversation. It's perfect, all you have to do it offer it to a person who asks for a light, then when they click, well, let's just say it won't light their cigarette.

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Animated Flashing Santa

Ho, Ho, Ho. this Santa has a real gift for you!! Give your guests a special yuletide greeting with the jolly Flashing Santa. You've never seen Kris Kringle like this before. The Flashing Santa's jolly, he's rosy and he may be even a little tipsy. He's feeling a little bit frisky this year and he…


Pecker Erector

When Viagra or Cialis just aren't doing the trick anymore, it's time to resort to more extreme measures. The Pecker Erector is just that. It comes with a tongue depressor (not to be used as such, unless, well, you get the point)and some tape to attach the whole aparatus.

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Diarrhea Toilet Paper

The Diarrhea Song toilet paper has a diarrhea song printed through out the roll of toilet paper."When your stomach's feeling wavy..." Comes in decorative gift box. Funny gag gift for potty humor.


Spank Weight

Maximize your masturbation muscles with the revolutionary new Spank Weight! Perfect for both men and women, the Spank Weight is the world's first and only performance dumbbell designed and developed to get your jerk-off arms ripped and ready for some serious spanking sessions! In as little as three…


The Perfect Blow Job Kit

Give your man the perfect BJ when you use the Blow Job Kit. This package comes complete with a spit bag, breath mint, plastic pearl necklace bib, flavored lube, and popping body candy. Going down has never been so fun!


The Awesome Foursome Trick Golf Balls 4 Pk

…your friends in stitches! If you're down by a few strokes and looking for an outrageous way to get back in the game or just in the mood for a gag, swap your opponent's ball for one of these trick golf balls and watch their game take a sudden and hilarious nosedive! The Awesome Foursome includes:…

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I Got a Dig Bick Tee

Play a mind trick, or two, on anyone who sees you wearing the I Got a Dig Bick Tee. This black, cotton t-shirt features white, screen printed lettering that doesn't quite say what you think it does, but then again...


No Tear Toilet Paper

Really trying to infuriate someone when they least expect it? Then the No Tear Toilet Paper is for you. Try as they may, try as they might, nobody will tear this TP without a wicked fight. Perfect for any prankster.

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Tampon Flask

…WOMEN - You know you gotta have it! The tampon shot holder will never be questioned at your venue. Bring alcohol onto cruises, Vegas pools, concerts, sporting events, clubs, bachelorette parties and more. Makes a great gag gift too! BYOB and Save Money! Includes 5 Fake Tampons with Wrappers.

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Toilet Seat Turd

Freak out your roommates when you use the Toilet Seat Turd. Practical jokes are fun, but there's not much funnier than a good poop prank. So, prank whoever is next in line for the bathroom when you place this turd, designed specifically to lay on the toilet seat, right there on the porcelain throne.

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Oralove Kit for Her

Everything you and your partner need for a night of seriously amazing oral pleasure! This kit helps you start with minty breath, and a hypoallergenic wipe for fast freshening up of your sweetest spots. Then a powerful finger mini-vibe gives your foreplay and handiwork a boost. When it’s time to make…


Potato Chip Snake Can

The Potato Chip Snake Can is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Just open the top and out leaps long fabric snakes! Perfect for any of your cabinet and refridgerator raider friends.

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Toilet-Time Golf

…door hanger. A great item for the devoted golfer and for those looking to improve their putting. Features: Offers extra practice time with every trip to the bathroom Helps improve putting Great gift for golfers Includes: putting green, a cup with a flag, 2 golf balls, a putter, Do not disturb sign


Lovin' Lamb Blow up Doll

Give the perfect hillbilly gag gift... the gift from the loving lamb! it'll gla-a-a-a-dly please you and make you laugh. intimacy doesn't have to be just between adults... lambs have feelings too!


Pussy Licker Pop


Comfortably Numb Spearmint Deep Throat Spray

…the discomfort associated with oral sex. The refreshing mist contains a mild numbing agent that coats the back of the throat, helping to suppress gag reflex and prevent discomfort during oral sex. Discreet enough to take with you wherever you go, this special spritz doubles as a breath freshener…

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Wet T-Shirt Winner

Show everyone what you're made of when you wear this Wet T-Shirt Winner adult womens costume. The white T-Shirt of this funny womens costume comes complete with with foam breasts and a sash that proves your contest victory! If you got it, flaunt it!


Stain Cover Up

Cleaning up that stain is no longer a pain with the Stain Cover Up!You no longer have to scoop up that poop, just let it dry and put on this little miracle, and watch your tighty whitey's turn good as new.


'Bullshit' Button

This Bullshit button is perfect for calling out people for stretching the truth, giving you the run around or otherwise feeding you bullshit. Requires two AA batteries.

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Stripper Garden Gnome

Some garden gnomes aren't content to entertain your garden guests by simply standing there in a pointy red hat and looking cute. Some want to look hot. Take the Naughty Dancin' Gnome for example. This pole dancin' gnome babe wants to shake what her mama gave her, and you know you want to watch! Park…

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