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Good Head Cinnamon Throat Spray

…their partner's full manhood. Doc Johnson presents Good Head Deep Throat Spray, a delicious throat de-sensitizer, that will help to alleviate your gag reflex during oral sex, turning good head into great head! Delicious and functional, what more could your partner want in an oral sex aide? 2 oz.…

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Diarrhea Toilet Paper

The Diarrhea Song toilet paper has a diarrhea song printed through out the roll of toilet paper."When your stomach's feeling wavy..." Comes in decorative gift box. Funny gag gift for potty humor.


'White Girl Wasted' Trucker Hat

Plan on being incoherent by the end of the night? Then you should party in this 'White Girl Wasted' Trucker Hat. Pink mesh back features a snap closure, pink brim and a white foam front with bright pink lettering. Just try not to pass out on the street.

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I Got a Dig Bick Tee

Play a mind trick, or two, on anyone who sees you wearing the I Got a Dig Bick Tee. This black, cotton t-shirt features white, screen printed lettering that doesn't quite say what you think it does, but then again...


Toilet Time Soccer Game

Enjoy your down time, but not digging the reading material? Try a little "physical" activity the next time you're presiding over the throne. Toilet time soccer is the perfect way to pass the time while enjoying all the peace and solitude the john has to offer.


Comfortably Numb Spearmint Deep Throat Spray

…the discomfort associated with oral sex. The refreshing mist contains a mild numbing agent that coats the back of the throat, helping to suppress gag reflex and prevent discomfort during oral sex. Discreet enough to take with you wherever you go, this special spritz doubles as a breath freshener…

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Oralove Kit for Her

Everything you and your partner need for a night of seriously amazing oral pleasure! This kit helps you start with minty breath, and a hypoallergenic wipe for fast freshening up of your sweetest spots. Then a powerful finger mini-vibe gives your foreplay and handiwork a boost. When it’s time to make…


Hot Pink Adult Fishnets

Need some color? These Hot Pink Adult Fishnets will do the trick, adding spice and flare to any outfit.


Fake Pregnancy Test

It's the home pregnancy test that is always positive! Ladies, now you can find out if you've found Mr. Right with this hilarious prank! Will he stick with you if he thinks things will get complicated? This outrageous prank will have your guy sweating! Or sleep with your married boss and watch him…

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Pecker Erector

When Viagra or Cialis just aren't doing the trick anymore, it's time to resort to more extreme measures. The Pecker Erector is just that. It comes with a tongue depressor (not to be used as such, unless, well, you get the point)and some tape to attach the whole aparatus.

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'Bullshit' Button

This Bullshit button is perfect for calling out people for stretching the truth, giving you the run around or otherwise feeding you bullshit. Requires two AA batteries.

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'It's About to Go Down' Tee

Listen Up: Old School Design’ Tees ship separately & take up to 3 business days to process before it ships (ground delivery only) because these fresh tees are printed to order. (Processing time excludes holidays & weekends). Please do not worry- your dynamite design won’t go stale while you wait.



Bedroom Commands Card Game

Take charge of your love life with the Bedroom Commands Card Game from Kheper Games. Bedroom Commands is a double deck card game of commands. One deck is for the Dirty Daddy and the other is for the Sexy Bitch. Whenever either of you feels like taking charge of your love life, select a card to…


'This Bitch Doesn't Do Mornings' 30 oz. Oversized Mug

Make it known that you are NOT a morning person when you use the 'This Bitch Doesn't Do Mornings' 30 oz. Oversized Mug. This giant white ceramic mug features bright pink printed script.


The Fart O Nator Extreme

Forget pull my finger pull this prank and really get one over. Technology blows loud and clear! Introducing an all new release, the Fart-O-Nator. Remote control farting at its finest audible up to 100 ft. from the scene of the crime. Laugh so hard you might actually fart! Folks have used various…

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'Shocking' Gag Pen

Anybody have a pen? I do! Shock strangers, friends and family with a startling jolt from this novelty pen. Makes a hilarious gag gift or practical joke. Just be careful not confuse it with the one you often bite down on…

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I Heart Pussy Lounge Pants

Tell us how you really feel. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, exclaim your love of all things, um, feline with these I Heart Pussy lounge pants (graphic of a cat's face emblazoned on the heart included, of course). If you truly adore pussy, these lounge pants are worth your hard-earned clams.


Nerd Set

Create or complete your total Nerd costume with this essential Nerd Set. You need to have these black shop glasses, the plastic pocket protector and black bow tie! The Nerd set consists of black plastic shop glasses with tape, a black bow tie and a plastic pocket pen holder.


'The Fuck You to Do List' Tee

Listen Up: Old School Design’ Tees ship separately & take up to 3 business days to process before it ships (ground delivery only) because these fresh tees are printed to order. (Processing time excludes holidays & weekends). Please do not worry- your dynamite design won’t go stale while you wait.


No Tear Toilet Paper

Really trying to infuriate someone when they least expect it? Then the No Tear Toilet Paper is for you. Try as they may, try as they might, nobody will tear this TP without a wicked fight. Perfect for any prankster.

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Frank the Flasher Adult Costume

Show them your shortcomings in this Frank the Flasher Adult Costume! From the trenchcoat jumpsuit to the creepy comb-over wig, you’re on “exhibit” in this racy and funny Halloween costume. Get a good friend to come too in an Adult Tricky Dick Inflatable Costume.


Oh Deer Trophy Head Adult Costume

Regardless of your feelings about the right to bear arms this is one funny costume. If you are on a manhunt you can say you bagged the big one or you can always talk about the one that got away. The adult men's Oh Dear Trophy costume guarantees bragging rights for a great costume.


Animated Flashing Santa

Ho, Ho, Ho. this Santa has a real gift for you!! Give your guests a special yuletide greeting with the jolly Flashing Santa. You've never seen Kris Kringle like this before. The Flashing Santa's jolly, he's rosy and he may be even a little tipsy. He's feeling a little bit frisky this year and he…