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The Man Sack

Keep all the small things near you in a big way when you have the The Man Sack. This awesome change purse is shaped like a penis and features a zippered closure.


'Shocking' Gag Lighter

Does anybody have a light? End this annoying habit as far as you're concerned. Make people think twice about their nasty habit by startling them with a straight up electric shock from this stunning novelty lighter!

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The Awesome Foursome Trick Golf Balls 4 Pk

…your friends in stitches! If you're down by a few strokes and looking for an outrageous way to get back in the game or just in the mood for a gag, swap your opponent's ball for one of these trick golf balls and watch their game take a sudden and hilarious nosedive! The Awesome Foursome includes:…


Lovin' Lamb Blow up Doll

Give the perfect hillbilly gag gift... the gift from the loving lamb! it'll gla-a-a-a-dly please you and make you laugh. intimacy doesn't have to be just between adults... lambs have feelings too!


'Holy Shit I'm Old' Hat

Make the birthday boy or girl laugh when you prank gift them this 'Holy Shit I'm Old' Hat. Black cotton hat features a Velcro closure for an adjustable fit and white lettering on the front panel.


Inflatable Walker

The perfect gag gift for a milestone or retirement party. It used to be an inflatable cane, now easily inflated this modern day walker. Each piece inflates to 13 1/2" high by 10 3/4" wide.

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Small Pecker Condoms

Hey, even guys with small peckers need protection, that is if there is ever any action. But in any case, if you know a guy (or are a guy) who may be in need of a case of Small Pecker Condoms, don't hesitate to get them, you may be saving a life or at least getting one.

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Lil' Dick in a Box

It's a romantic evening alone with your favorite girl. The fireplace is glowing, the drinks are chilled and the mood is right. It's time to give her... LIL' DICK IN THE BOX


Blow Job Kit

Keep clean and jizz-free when you use the Blow Job Kit. This kit includes gloves, an apron, over-sleeves and a hairnet. Blow jobs are no longer a messy chore with this useful kit.


Belly Button Buttons

The awesome thing about the Belly Button Buttons is that none of them come with any lint! Decorate your backpack or costume when you have this set of belly button buttons.


Bedroom Commands Card Game

Take charge of your love life with the Bedroom Commands Card Game from Kheper Games. Bedroom Commands is a double deck card game of commands. One deck is for the Dirty Daddy and the other is for the Sexy Bitch. Whenever either of you feels like taking charge of your love life, select a card to…



How good is your aim? Find out with the Hotshots toilet target practice heat sensitive dart game. It's the perfect gag gift for any man!


Spank Weight

Maximize your masturbation muscles with the revolutionary new Spank Weight! Perfect for both men and women, the Spank Weight is the world's first and only performance dumbbell designed and developed to get your jerk-off arms ripped and ready for some serious spanking sessions! In as little as three…


It's Not You: 27 (Wrong) Reasons You're Single

If you’re single and searching, there’s no end to other people’s explanations, excuses, and criticism explaining why you haven’t found a partner: “You’re too picky. Just find a good-enough guy and you’ll be fine.” “You’re too desperate. If men think you need them, they’ll run scared.” “You’re too…



Sexy Ways to Play: A Guide to Sex Toys

Sex toys are becoming more mainstream every day. Ever since the "rabbit" was featured on Sex and the City, it's become accepted that women and toys go together. But there's still a lack of straightforward information out there about toys - what they are, what they do, and how to use them. Written in…


First Time Bondage Kit

Everything you need to take your lover's breath away can all be found in the First Time Bondage Kit. This package contains one feather tickler, a love mask, breathable ball gag, rope whip and love dice.


Toilet-Time Golf

…door hanger. A great item for the devoted golfer and for those looking to improve their putting. Features: Offers extra practice time with every trip to the bathroom Helps improve putting Great gift for golfers Includes: putting green, a cup with a flag, 2 golf balls, a putter, Do not disturb sign


Super Sex Game

Turn on your competitive spirit, and your partner with the Super Sex Game. You're never too old to play games, and with this card game you'll learn all the tricks and tips on how to win over your partner.


'Pop-Up-Pecker' Lighter

This gag lighter is a great way to "spark" up any conversation. It's perfect, all you have to do it offer it to a person who asks for a light, then when they click, well, let's just say it won't light their cigarette.


Masturbating Midget Man Wind Up

…exception! Wind him up and watch this pint-sized player beat his massive manhood! This shrimpy stroker is stocky, cocky, and ready to party all night long! He's locked, cocked and always loaded, wind him up and watch him beat his meat! Masturbating Midge makes the perfect gag gift for any occassion!


Willy Creamer

Add a little cream to your coffee when you use the Willy Creamer. This penis-shaped creamer is perfect for the morning breakfast after a bachelorette party.