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Cosmo's Kinky Sex Games: Erotic Adventures That'll Take You Both to New Levels of Ecstasy

…No one knows fun, fearless sex like Cosmo-and these kinky games will show the world what “hot” really means. Open the deck of cards, and you'll find 10 very, very naughty activities to spice up your lovemaking, including the “Sex Ninja Game”; “Master & Servant”; “Talk Dirty to Me”; “Sex for Dessert”…


Personally Incorrect Card Game

…other lame game! Not only do you get to make up absolutely outrageous allegations, but you get to make them up about someone sitting right at your table! If you're playing with close friends - watch out! Inside jokes and embarrassing facts might just take center stage. Unlike similar games where the…

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'Dirty Minds: The Game of Naughty Clues'

How Dirty? If you're the type of person who hates it when someone reads something dirty into every word you say, DIRTY MINDS is the game for you! The dirtier your mind is the more challenging this game will be!

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Choose Your Pleasure Game

…Pleasure Game. Split the cards into His and Her decks with the activities face down. Players take turns rolling the die. If the die comes up Her, she draws a card from the Her deck and may choose One of the two activities (and vice-versa for him). One roll per player per turn. Contents: 1 game die…


The Bedroom Game

With 90 Unique Activity Cards ranging from foreplay to varying sexual positions, explore your Hidden Desires and Fantasies using each of the Six Bedroom Categories: Sex and Positions, Bondage and Fetish, Edibles and Body Toppings, Teasing, Tickling, Seduction, Role-Play and Fantasy, Foreplay and…

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'Who is the Biggest Pervert' Drinking Game

The popular adult party game is now a drinking game! Who is the Biggest Pervert? From Kheper Games is a drinking game where players answer questions about naughty things they have done in order to determine which one of them is the Biggest Pervert! Players take turns asking the group questions.…

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The Oral Sex Game

That’s right––you’re more likely to give or RECEIVE oral sex if you play this game! You and your partner move game pieces around the board––as you tease and tantalize each other! The first one to reach THE TONGUE gets ORAL SEX! So easy and fun, you’ll wonder why you haven’t played this game before!


Chugopoly Drinking Game

…when you play the Chugopoly Drinking Game. This package contains the game board, 6 pawns, die, 40 Chugopoly cards and instructions. Easy to play, roll the die, move your piece and follow the directions from the place you land. Pass the time and have fun while getting drunk with this awesome game.


Buzzed Bands Drinking Game

Buzzed Bands the hilarious drinking game. Bands fits on wrist,cups, and bottles. Easy to play. Each player puts a Buzzed Band on either his or her bottle; wrist; or cup. Players hang out as they normally would at a party while also acting out their Buzzed Band dares every few minutes. Play continues…


Cosmos Truth or Dare Book

…Steamy Sex Games—which has 166,000 copies in print after six printings. In a recent issue, Cosmo put a naughty twist on the classic Truth or Dare game, featuring perforated tear-out cards. Readers went wild, and we knew we had a winner. Playing’s easy…and very, very satisfying. Couples simply take…

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Lets F*ck Dice Game

The Let's Fuck! Dice game from Kheper leads you to do one and only one thing....fuck. Oh what fun! Roll your way to pleasure!

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'I've Never…' Bar Cards

I've never been skinny dipping...maybe, maybe not - it's anyone's guess in this outrageous drinking game of hidden secrets! Start a conversation, or a controversy! Contents: Rules 104 I've Never Questions (10 to made up your own)

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Ladies Night The Game

…Looking for the perfect Bachelorette Party Game? Think you know your Girlfriends? Break out this game to heat up the conversation and prove whether you've really been listening when your gal friends are pouring their hearts out! In Ladies Night, win the game by being the player who best guesses how…


Oral Sex The Game

The Oral Sex Game from Kheper Games. An experience of oral adventures. Orally tantalize your lover as you move your game markers around the board. The game for couples who love oral sex. Game includes: an Oral Sex game board; 2 game markers; 1 regular die; 1 action die; and game rules that include 5…


Girls Night Out Dare Game

Break that bridal party out of their shells with the Girls Night Out Dare Game. This scratch-a-dare game puts a twist on traditional truth or dare with these outrageous cards. Each card has different dare scenarios for maximum fun and entrainment.


'Lets Fool Around' Dice Game

Let's Fool Around is ahot andsex game for you and your lover ora party withswinger friends. This dice game is prettyself explanatory; one die has the action, the other the body part. Roll and enjoy. The body parts dice each say Chest, Inner Thighs, Back, Penis or Clitoris, Lips, and Face. The action…

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Who's the Biggest Slut ? Game

The games that begs the question, "are you willing to admit what a whore you are?" over 400 sexually outrageous questions! "who is the biggest slut?" is the adult party game where players answer questions about slutty things they have done in order to determine which one of them is the biggest slut!…


Bondage Seductions Game

…the safety of your own home. Each card is designed so that you take each role play or sex play technique to your comfortable limits. Play as a game... or simply use one card for each adventure. Includes: 36 Bondage Seduction Cards, 2 Silky Ties, 2 Dice, 1 Blindfold Mask, 1 Rubber Whip, and…


Loaded Dice Drinking Game

Normally throwing loaded dice is liable to get you kicked out of the casino or beat up in some back alley craps game, but these dice are a little different. Find some friends who are ready to party and decide who will roll first. On your turn, roll all four dice together. Follow the directions that…

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Adult Paint Box

Let your creative juices flow…Transform your lover's body into a living, breathing work of art! Use the softest brush or your fingers to paint all over your lover as the live canvas. The kit includes stencils with erotic shapes to instigate your imagination and sexual creativity.

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Get Kinky Card Game

Turn any of your favorite card games into wild, kinky fun. The Get Kinky Card Game is exciting for lovers who want to spice up their sex lives by adding a little experimentation and imagination . Play Poker, Blackjack, Crazy 8, Rummy, Fish, or Concentration with renewed excitement. Blindfolded,…

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50 Days of Play Board Game

Fifty Days of Play offers 50 invitations for exciting, pleasurable adventures for loving couples who want to play. Fifty Days of Play has five levels of sexy game-play with ten secret envelopes for each level from Virginal White through Vanilla, Light and Dark Grey to Seductive Black and is packed…


Naughty Thoughts Card Game

…provocative game allows couples to finish a sex thought about themselves or ask a sexual question about their partner. Couples are sure to discover new and exciting turn-ons about each other with each card. Hidden in the deck are ten foreplay pleasure cards, ensuring that this game has a climaxing…