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Steel Plug & Pincher 4-Pack

The Steel Plug & Pincher 4-Pack contains one pair of surgical stainless steel plugs and a matching pair of silver pinchers, both with black rubber o-rings. Available in multiple sizes.


Steel Taper Set

…steel taper set for safe stretching of earlobe piercings without blowouts. Make an easy transition from small gauge to a larger gauge piercing with no earlobe trauma using stainless steel tapers, the material recommended by piercing professionals. The larger end of the taper is the gauge of the…

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Plug & Taper 2-Pack

The Plug & Taper 2-Pack contains one pair of blue plugs along with one pair of blue and white swirled tapers. Available in multiple sizes.


Zebra Rainbow Print Taper Set

Wild out wearing this 14 Gauge Zebra Rainbow Print Taper Set. Hot pink and blue colored tapers feature black animal print detail.


Wavy Rainbow Plug and Taper Set

6 Gauge Wavy Rainbow Plug and Taper Set includes one pair of cylindrical gauges and one matching pair of long cone shaped taper gauges.


Nautical Tunnel Set

The 2 Gauge Red Anchor Tunnel Set contains one pair of white acrylic tunnels with red anchors, blue nautical stars and rope print graphics.


Steel Screw Fit Tunnel Set

Basic steel tunnels to make a bold statement. Included is one pair of (2) stainless steel screw fit tunnels in size 10 gauge. These gauges have a great industrial look. Size: 10 gauge Quantity: 1 pair Style: Screw fit tunnels Material: Steel


16 Gauge Multi Color Miracle Labret 7-Pack

You'll have a new color for each day of the week when you use this 16 Gauge Multi Color Miracle Labret 7-Pack. Choose your mood when you pick from purple, green, orange, pink and three shades of blue. Have it all with this colorfully cool set.


Yellow & Black Batman Fake Plug Set

Yellow & Black Batman Fake Plug Set includes one black acrylic circular end piece and one yellow end piece with classic black bat emblem. Only requires an 18 Gauge piercing, giving you a super new look.


Green Skull Tunnel Set

The 0 Gauge Green Skull Tunnel Set includes one pair of black acrylic tunnels with green skull graphics.


Pink and Black Star Plug Taper Set

Rock out like a star when you choose from this 00 Gauge Pink and Black Star Plug and Taper Set. Black and hot pink combo includes pointed tapers and circular studs with star detail.


14 Gauge Red and Black Snakebite Captives 4-Pack

Basic 14 Gauge Red and Black Snakebite Captives 4-Pack includes one set of metallic black and one set of metallic red captives so you can achieve whatever look you're going for whether it be slightly gothic or punk rock.