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Manic Panic Hair Lightening Kit

The Manic Panic Hair Lightening Kit is an application to use before dying your hair so the color shines through with its full potential. Goes great with other Manic Panic Dyes! Live Fast Dye Hard!

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Manic Panic Turquoise Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream

Tish and Snooky are here to take your boring style into a whole new world of vibrant colors and unique fashions. Just apply it and remember; live fast, DYE hard.


Manic Panic Pink Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream

Live Fast and Dye Your Hair! The Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink Hair Dye is perfect for anyone looking to stand out in a crowd. Plus, as an extra added bonus, it glows under a black light!

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Manic Panic Violet Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream

Tish and Snooky are at it again with their Manic Panic Hair Ultraviolet Color Cream. It is will turn your hair a shocking shade of purple that will blow minds wherever you go. Just remember these four words when you walk out the door with your wild new style: live fast, DYE hard!

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