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Strobe Light Plus

Bring the party home with our professional and personal strobe light!Use our strobe light to brighten up your parties and celebrations, Halloween decorations, special effects and much more! AC powered unit UL/Cul listed 120VAC,60Hz Adjustable speed control 3 color filters,red,green and blue…

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Super LED Dome Plus

The Super LED Dome Plus is a party in a box! It features red, green and blue LED lights. It is sound activated, has a strobe effect, adjustable speed control, and a DMX Control. Can be displayed on a shelf or hung from the ceiling.

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Reg $79.99

Laser Galaxy

The Laser Galaxy is a surefire way to get the party started for any occasion! Complete with device and adapter, this machine features red, green and purple lasers for your entertainment!

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Reg $129.99

8" Disco Ball Party Light

Hang the 8" Disco Ball Party Light from the ceiling, or place it on a table, either way this party light will get the celebration started with its multicolor rotation.


Laser Jet Dual Laser Light

…any size room into an instant party with the Jet Laser Dual Laser Light. The red and green lasers combine to create a spectacular kaleidoscope light show in whatever room you choose to display it. This unit is small, portable, light weight and extremely versatile, it's like having a nightclub laser…

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Reg $99.99

Aurora Laser

…Aurora Laser. This genuine red and green laser, with blue LED light effects, responds to any bumping sound - pulsating to the awesome beats. It also has an automatic mode, giving you lights whenever you need 'em. With adjustable base, strobe speed and more, this light is the ultimate party starter.

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Reg $99.99

Super LED Dome With Speakers

Get the party started so that it never stops when you use this Super LED Dome With Speakers. LED dome light comes complete with a USB drive, remote control, audio cable, UL adapter and instruction manual. This product is compatible with mobile devices.

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Reg $89.99

Large Dome Disco Bulb

Turn any light fixture into an instant party with the Large Dome Disco Bulb. This sound activated multicolor LED light can be used in an overhead ceiling fixture so that the downward light effects will illuminate walls and floors. This bulb can replace any standard bulb.

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Linkable LED Lights

…different light combinations when you use the Linkable LED Lights. This package contains three lights (yellow, blue, red) along with a controller box. Each spot light contains 47 LED lights and you can link two or more lights together to create your own wild light show. These lights are sound…


Red LED Beacon Light

Perfect light for a party or haunted house on Halloween. Red LED Beacon Light blinks on and off and around like a police car.

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Laser 3D Party Light

This Laser 3D Party Light will surely bring the party to life!

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Reg $199.99

Blue Plasma Lumi Disc

Deck out your dorm room with awesome lighting when you have the Blue Plasma Lumi Disc, This sweet, blue plasma disc reacts to your touch making this a great piece of interactive decor.

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Mirror Madness Rotating Mirror Ball with LED Lights

Shift your party into overdrive with the Mirror Madness Party Light. Not only does the mirror ball rotate, but it comes with 2 colored LED Spotlights. If that isn't enough, it's kicked up a notch with 4 powerful LEDs mounted onto the base for maximum reflection action. It also includes a hook for…

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LED Stage Light

…party with this LED Stage Light. Project multi-colored lights that pulse to the beat. This stage light features both a music/sound responsive mode, as well as an automatic mode that keeps the lights going even when the music stops. Flat, easy to transport, this LED Stage Light is a mobile party.


Party Disco Light Kit

Turn any room into a party when you liven things up with this funky Party Disco Light Kit! This small, portables and versatile kit will provide a disco atmosphere to parties by projecting a sparkle effect onto surfaces. Dance the night away with colorful fun, complete with a mirror ball, DC motor…


Reg $49.99

Small LED Ball

Project a wild array of colorful diamond shapes when you use the Small LED Ball. This plastic party device can easily spice up any gathering with the flick of a switch!

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9" Bluetooth Watershow Speakers

…compatible device and let the party begin. These speakers shoot water into the air while dancing to the rhythm of your music as the multicolor LED lights reflect off the water to create amazing lighting effects. Being lightweight and portable make these bluetooth speakers extremely versatile.

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Reg $59.99

48" Blacklight Fixture

…look 48" Black Light Fixture will light up most average sized rooms. This fixture is unique and sleek in design, and allows you to experience a full 360 degree Black Light Illumination for the first time! The electronic starter eliminates start-up flickering, as well. Use to light up glow in the…

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LED Sunflower Light

Get the party started with this LED Sunflower Light. Sound activated - and featuring an auto mode - this party light pulses to the sounds. It's portable and can be hung from the ceiling, placed on a table or positioned on a nearby wall. Sound good? Of course it will. A/C adapter included.


Waterproof Professional Multicolor LED Rope Light 5 ft

…fun with this Waterproof Professional Multicolor LED Rope Light. The remote control operated rope light features 16 colors, adjustable strobe/flash/RGB mode settings and a whopping 45 individual color changing LEDs. The party doesn't start until you lay down these awesome LED rope lights.


18" Blacklight Mountable Fixture

This sleek 18 inch black light has a handsome black casing; it can be placed on a shelf or ledge or you can mount the blacklight on a wall or ceiling. Plug it in, kick back and party on. Great for dorm use!

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Light-Up Vibrating Panties

Get yourself all wound up when you decide to wear these Light-Up Vibrating Panties. Pink cotton panties feature an LED light with mini vibe, so you can feel good no matter where you are!


Green Kaleidoscope Laser Light

…Green Laser Kaleidoscope creates an ever-changing green laser light effect on your wall, floor and ceiling in any dim or dark environment from basement to bedroom to bar. The mysterious and otherworldly green laser light points make partying or just hanging out an extraterrestrial experience,…

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Reg $79.99

Sound Activated Plasma Ball

Get "electrified" with the 8 inch Sound Activated Plasma Ball. This novelty light will be an instant accent in any room. Feel the electricity flow through your fingers as you touch the glass ball.

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