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Magnetic Belly Button Rings

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2G Yellow Smiley Face Magnetic Fake Plug

Get in a good mood and be happy to wear this 2G Yellow Smiley Face Magnetic Fake Plug. Bright yellow fake plug has black smiley face outline and magnet closure, so you'll have everyone smiling all day.


Zebra Magnetic Taper Set

Zebra Magnetic Taper Set features a blue to green to red gradient with black animal print overlay. Magnet closure makes pulling off this rebellious appearance seem easy.


Blue Red Magnetic Tapers

No hole required to wear these awesome Blue Red Magnetic Tapers. Set includes two cone shaped classic gauges with magnet closure and blue, red and yellow gradient.


Skull Rose Magnetic Taper

This Skull Rose Magnetic Taper comes complete with black pointed gauge style earpiece with deep red rose and white skull detail. Great addition to vintage and gothic styles.


00 Gauge Black & Pink Star Magnetic Plugs

00 Gauge Black & Pink Star Magnetic Plugs resemble a classic retro punk design so you'll be ready to party like a rock star.