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Bowl Mole

Now you can enjoy your great smoke with the fresh flavor of your favorite fruit or the crisp taste of a delicious vegetable anywhere you can find produce. A convenience station, grocery store, restaurant, airport, or your mom's refrigerator all make good places to find something usable and probably,…


Smoke Buddy with Bonus Keychain

The "Smoke Buddy" is a filtration system that you blow your smoke into and out the other end no smoke appears, and no smell. Very handy to have around and good for in the house use. Blow all the smoke though the smoke buddy and watch how there is NO SMOKE.

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Best Buds Poster

Check out some of the best buds you know when you decorate your walls with the Best Buds Poster. This black poster features images of several different strains of marijuana.

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Stoneware Smokin Dice Game

Grab your buds and roll them bones. No, not those buds and those bones, although who are we to say what you shouldor shouldn't do. In any case, this game is sure to "illicit" all types of great laughs from you and your buds.

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Leaf Names 6 oz Glass Stash Jar

Keep your stash safe and fresh when you use the Leaf Names 6 oz Glass Stash Jar. This glass jar feature pot leaf graphics along with the many nicknames for marijuana.


Pot Leaf Glow Shapes 50-Pack

Decorate your room with colorful marijuana leaves when you have the Pot Leaf Glow Shapes 50-Pack. This package contains different sized pot leaves in pink, blue, green and orange.

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Light-up Green Leaf Lei


Rasta Leaf Print Weedman Pajamas

Blaze one in full Rasta style with these Rastafarian inspired one-piece pajamas. These feature a Rasta-colored pot leaf design and have a zip front, hood and side pockets for those especially chill nights. 100% polyesterHoodedMachine Washable; Easy Care


Reg $44.99

Aztec Leaf Junior Yoga Pants

Get comfy when you wear the Aztec Leaf Junior Yoga Pants. These black yoga pants feature a colorful Aztec print waistband with pot leaves and bong graphics.


Reg $26.99

Best Leaf Lounge Pants

Need a gift for your "best bud?" These best leaf lounge pants should mellow them out. With button front/tie closure, these pot leaf motif lounge pants will help you blaze one long into the night.


Pot Leaf Robe


Reg $49.99


Keep Calm & Hit a Bong Laser Back Junior Fitted Muscle Tank

No need to get excited when you wear the Keep Calm & Hit a Bong Laser Back Junior Fitted Muscle Tank. This black, cotton tank top features neon green lettering and pot leaf graphic.



14 Gauge Multi Color Pot Leaf Belly Button Ring

You'll be on a whole new level wearing this 14 Gauge Multi Color Pot Leaf Belly Button Ring. Surgical steel curved belly ring with aquamarine encrusted ball is attached to pot leaf dangle with blue and green gradient.


Pot Leaf Faux Sweater Tee

Make a statement with attitude! This Pot Leaf Faux Sweater Tee is a perfect addition to any wardrobe. It is 100% cotton and super comfortable. If you are in a funny mood and looking to get a few laughs, this is the T-Shirt for you! · 100% Cotton · Machine wash cold, gentle cycle with…

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The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook: More Than 50 Irresistible Recipes That Will Get You High

This first-ever cookbook from High Times magazine the world s most trusted name when it comes to getting stoned is the deliciously definitive guide to cannabis-infused cooking. Easy, accessible recipes and advice demystify the experience of cooking with grass and offer a cornucopia of irie…