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Weed Card Game

An easy to learn strategy game where you and other players compete to grow the most pot plants. As you build your garden, you also try to prevent other players from establishing healthy crops. You can plant dandelions in someone else's garden, steal plants and even bust another player for…


Leaf Cutout Junior Fitted Tank

You could never cut out the leaf, but this shirt cuts it out and it only makes it stand out more. Snag this Leaf Cutout Junior Fitted Tank and blaze your own trail.

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Wake and Bake Lounge Pants

Wake and bake, baby! These button fly/drawstring closure lounge pants tell us that the most important meal of the day is "Weed"fast. Indulge in a balanced meal and wake up with these "Wake and Bake" lounge pants. Light 'em up!

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Smoke Buddy with Bonus Keychain

The "Smoke Buddy" is a filtration system that you blow your smoke into and out the other end no smoke appears, and no smell. Very handy to have around and good for in the house use. Blow all the smoke though the smoke buddy and watch how there is NO SMOKE.

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Rasta Stripe Weedman Pajamas

Blaze one in full Rasta style with these Rastafarian inspired one-piece pajamas. These feature a Rasta-colored striped pattern, complete with pot leaf design. This soft fleece pajama has a zip front and side pockets. On those especially cold nights, keep those hands even cozier with a thumb hole in…


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Purple Haze Poster

Even in a hazy state it's clear to see the Purple Haze Poster is an awesome addition to your room.


Ass Tray Ash Tray

The Ass Tray Ash Tray is more than just an ashtray -- it's an ash hole! Stick your butts in this butt and puff away in peace. This ceramic ashtray makes it easy to stick it where the sun don't shine!

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Rasta Leaf Slip-on Unisex Shoes

If you're blazin' around the house, perhaps it's time you slipped on a pair of these ultra-comfy Rasta Leaf Shoes. Man, woman...no matter, these are unisex, so anyone can enjoy the high style of these canvas rasta-colored slip ons with smokin' pot leaf design.


The High Life Poster

Nothing like a good marijuana infographic. Stay informed and educate your house guests with this High Life poster.


Caterpillar Smoking Black Light Poster

Take a trip down the rabbit hole when you tack up the Caterpillar Smoking Black Light Poster on your dorm room wall. This colorful and trippy poster depicts a scene from the familiar Alice in Wonderland storybook.

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You Can't Silence Me Poster

Shh, we won't tell anyone your dirty secrets, but the You Can't Silence Me Poster may spill some.


Pot Leaf Sublimation Slip-on Unisex Shoes

What's green and black with pot leaves all over? These amazingly comfortable Pot Leaf Sublimation Slip-on Shoes. Tool around the house in footwear designed with your interests in mind. High style, indeed.


Happily Weeded Wife Cup with Straw

The high life is the happy life when you have the Happily Weeded Wife Cup with Straw. This clear, plastic cup features a double wall to keep your drink cold along with a lid and straw.


Reg $12.99

Rasta Leaf Zipper Wristlet

With rasta-colored leaf print design, this zipper wristlet wallet features an easy-to-carry handle, secure zipper pocket and plenty of space for your, um, valuables. "High" security, indeed.


Breathe Tee

If only our lungs could hold this much bud. Dare to dream in this 100% cotton Breathe Tee.


Reg $17.99

Rasta Weed Plush Lounge Pants

Cover yourself in herb with these plush Rasta inspired lounge pants. Fleeced out for maximum comfort, these loose fitting, Rasta-colored chill out pants (complete with tie closure and pot leaf design), make you just wanna stay home and light one up.

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Leaf Print Drifter Cowboy Hat

Giddy up partner and get ready for high livin' when you wear the Leaf Print Drifter Cowboy Hat. This black and green, 100% natural fiber cowboy hat features pot leaf details. This hat is one size fits most.


Reg $27.99

Green Leaf Bikini

Green is the color of energy, vitality and life, so sport this high octane Green Leaf Bikini. Lined, with tie closures and leaf/fringe detail, this bikini begs to be shown off.


Reg $44.99

Rainbow Pot Sublimated Knee High Socks

Breathe in the multi-colored coolness of these Rainbow Pot Sublimated Knee High Socks. Complete with pot leaf design, these knee high socks will elevate your style, taking you higher...and higher.


Buds Lounge Pants

Need a gift for your "best bud?" These buds lounge pants should mellow them out. With button front/drawstring closure, these pot leaf motif lounge pants will help you blaze one long into the night.


'Thank You For Pot Smoking' Poster

Poster is 36" x 24"


Space Leaf Sublimated Knee High Socks

Add some style to your sock collection with these Space Leaf Sublimated Knee High Socks. With pot leaf design and cool colors, these knee socks give you an opportunity to fully express yourself.