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Stoneware Smokin Dice Game

Grab your buds and roll them bones. No, not those buds and those bones, although who are we to say what you shouldor shouldn't do. In any case, this game is sure to "illicit" all types of great laughs from you and your buds.

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Smoke Buddy with Bonus Keychain

The "Smoke Buddy" is a filtration system that you blow your smoke into and out the other end no smoke appears, and no smell. Very handy to have around and good for in the house use. Blow all the smoke though the smoke buddy and watch how there is NO SMOKE.

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Best Buds Poster

Check out some of the best buds you know when you decorate your walls with the Best Buds Poster. This black poster features images of several different strains of marijuana.

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Spiff Adult Costume

Be careful that no one tries to light you up on Halloween when you dress in this giant Spiff Adult Mens Costume. The white and green pullover tunic is styled to resemble a marijuana joint, so relax and have a mellow night!


Leaf Athletic Black Knee High Socks

Get the perfect (knee) high feeling when you wear the Leaf Athletic Black Knee High Socks. This pair of black knee highs feature green pot leaf graphics and green stripes.



Wake and Bake Lounge Pants

Wake and bake, baby! These button fly/drawstring closure lounge pants tell us that the most important meal of the day is "Weed"fast. Indulge in a balanced meal and wake up with these "Wake and Bake" lounge pants. Light 'em up!

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Caterpillar Smoking Black Light Poster

Take a trip down the rabbit hole when you tack up the Caterpillar Smoking Black Light Poster on your dorm room wall. This colorful and trippy poster depicts a scene from the familiar Alice in Wonderland storybook.

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Pot Leaf Bandana Fleece Blanket

These two chillin' designs go together like peanut butter and jelly. Lay your head down and mellow out this all polyester fleece pot leaf bandana fleece blanket. It's smokin'!


The Marijuana Chef Cookbook

A new and improved full-color edition of every stoner’s favorite cookbook! Cannabis cuisine doesn’t have to be difficult, and the Marijuana Chef Cookbook has been proving that to its dedicated fans for over a decade now. Easy-to-follow instructions and delicious recipes make this cookbook an…


Pot Leaf Sublimation Slip-on Unisex Shoes

What's green and black with pot leaves all over? These amazingly comfortable Pot Leaf Sublimation Slip-on Shoes. Tool around the house in footwear designed with your interests in mind. High style, indeed.


Kid Cudi 'Shades' Tee

Pursue your happiness in the officially licensed Kid Cudi 'Shades' Tee. Blast your favorite Cudi songs in this black t-shirt with Kid Cudi graphic.


Rasta Leaf Fake Taper Set

The Rasta Leaf Fake Taper Set contains one pair of silver steel fake tapers with red, yellow and green end pieces.


Pot Leaf Polo Shirt

Alligators, dudes on horseback playing polo, here's your chance to banish those tragic styles from your closet. Instead, dress up your love of herb in this Pot Leaf Polo shirt. High style indeed.


Reg $21.99

Mary Jane Rasta Leaf Reversible Bikini

Wear it two ways with this Mary Jane Reverse Bikini. This rasta-colored bikini features a reversible top, string bikini bottom and "Mary Jane" design. Light up the beach in this Mary Jane reverse bikini.


Reg $44.99

Pot 2 Sided Sublimation Tee

Cover yourself in weed with this two-sided pot sublimation tee. This 100% cotton leaf imbued t-shirt is perfect for those who prefer to light up their own path.


Reg $29.99

Weed is My Spirit Animal Laserback Junior Fitted Tee

Release your inner positive vibes when you wear the Weed is My Spirit Animal Laserback Junior Fitted Tee. This soft, cotton tee is great to wear to your next party or get together.


Reg $24.99

Pot Leaf Glow Shapes 50-Pack

Decorate your room with colorful marijuana leaves when you have the Pot Leaf Glow Shapes 50-Pack. This package contains different sized pot leaves in pink, blue, green and orange.

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Bob Marley Dread Leaves Mens Jersey Tank

Embrace good vibes in the Bob Marley Dread Leaves Mens Jersey Tank. This light tank is perfect for relaxing and listening to some of the best reggae music ever made.


Stonerware Chess Set

Stonerware complete chess set straight from the "stone" age. Battle your opponent to capture the queen classic chess style. Do your best to "smoke" your opponent under the table!


Light-up Green Leaf Lei

Rastafy your life with the Light-up Green Leaf Lei! This lei is perfect for outdoor concert and BBQ's.


Ivy Catsuit Adult Womens Costume

You don't even need a love potion to draw in all your victims, the Ivy Catsuit Adult Women's Costume does the work for you! This skintight catsuit has a lifelike forest green leaf detail that runs down the neckline for a super sexy look that is undeniable. The matching leaf headband adds that extra…


Jamaican Lei

Every little thing gonna be all right this Halloween, mon, with this leafy Jamaican Lei. Pretend you’re on a paradisal island with this Green Polyester faux-leaves costume accessory, which is 36 inches around. And don’t forget to praise Ja with a Rasta Hat with Dreadlocks, sold separately.