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Stoneware Smokin Dice Game

Grab your buds and roll them bones. No, not those buds and those bones, although who are we to say what you shouldor shouldn't do. In any case, this game is sure to "illicit" all types of great laughs from you and your buds.

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Rasta Leaf Print Weedman Pajamas

Blaze one in full Rasta style with these Rastafarian inspired one-piece pajamas. These feature a Rasta-colored pot leaf design and have a zip front, hood and side pockets for those especially chill nights.

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Reg $44.99

Rasta Weed Plush Lounge Pants

Cover yourself in herb with these plush Rasta inspired lounge pants. Fleeced out for maximum comfort, these loose fitting, Rasta-colored chill out pants (complete with tie closure and pot leaf design), make you just wanna stay home and light one up.

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Pot Leaf Sublimation Slip-on Unisex Shoes

What's green and black with pot leaves all over? These amazingly comfortable Pot Leaf Sublimation Slip-on Shoes. Tool around the house in footwear designed with your interests in mind. High style, indeed.


Rasta Plush Adult Unisex Slippers

You like to blaze in comfort, right? Do it, and more, in these Rasta Slippers. These plush, unisex slippers are the stuff of legend, styled in Rasta colors, pot leaf logo stitched to the front. Relax in HIGH style in these Rasta Plush Adult Unisex Slippers.


Reg $19.99

Happy Holla Daze Fleece Sweatshirt

Amp up that ugly sweater party with the Happy Holla Daze Fleece Sweatshirt! Get toasty warm in this super cozy fleece sweatshirt and be high on holiday spirit. Make some extra special brownies for your next holiday party and spread the joy in this sweatshirt!

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Reg $29.99

Mistlestoned Tee

Get high off kisses under the mistletoe in this Mistlestoned Tee. This cotton tee shows off your holiday spirit and stone-faced vibe.


Reg $17.99

Best Buds 2 Junior Fitted Yoga Pants

Laid back ladies love lounging in these Best Buds junior fitted yoga pants. With a flared leg, green fold-over waist and pot leaf design, these super comfy yoga pants will make you wanna roll more than just one.


Best Buds Poster

Check out some of the best buds you know when you decorate your walls with the Best Buds Poster. This black poster features images of several different strains of marijuana.

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Smoke Drink Sleep Lounge Pants

Need a mantra? How does "Smoke, Drink, Sleep, Repeat" sound? Now you can wear your life's philosophy with these comfy, black lounge pants. With button fly/drawstring closure, these lounge pants give you the comfort you need to live out your life's work.


Pot Leaf Glow Shapes 50-Pack

Decorate your room with colorful marijuana leaves when you have the Pot Leaf Glow Shapes 50-Pack. This package contains different sized pot leaves in pink, blue, green and orange.

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Large Leaf Camo Flag Tee

The Large Leaf Camo Flag Tee is a silver T-Shirt with large screen printed flag graphic on the front. Camouflage stripes take over the body of an American flag, while marijuana leafs replace the stars in the dark, top corner of this graphic.


Reg $17.99

Pink and Green Leaf Lace Boy Shorts

These Pink and Green Leaf Lace Boy Shorts should be a high priority! Pink panties feature a green pot leaf, front and center, along with a neon green lace waistband.

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Tiedye Leaf Sublimation Tee

Get into a groovy mood in the Tiedye Leaf Sublimation Tee. This awesome shirt is super soft and has an awesome tie dye print and large leaf graphic.


Stonerware Chess Set

Stonerware complete chess set straight from the "stone" age. Battle your opponent to capture the queen classic chess style. Do your best to "smoke" your opponent under the table!


Nurse Anita Reefer Costume

Make sure that your patients get the medical care they require when you wear the Nurse Anita Reefer Adult Women's Costume. This white and green nurse outfit features a pleated skirt, matching shirt and headband along with a tie and clip.


Rasta Leaf Slip-on Unisex Shoes

If you're blazin' around the house, perhaps it's time you slipped on a pair of these ultra-comfy Rasta Leaf Shoes. Man, woman...no matter, these are unisex, so anyone can enjoy the high style of these canvas rasta-colored slip ons with smokin' pot leaf design.



Pot Leaf Robe

Be the king of your herb castle in this Rasta-colored pot leaf robe. Made of comfy 100% polyester fleece, this one piece robe features a pot leaf design, rasta colors and green neck/arm trim. Once you're snuggled in, turn up "Redemption Song" and soak it all in.


Reg $49.99

Pot Leaf Zirconium Stud Earrings

You'll be high off your own style when you rock the Pot Leaf Zirconium Stud Earrings. Stainless steel earrings are encrusted with green gems.


"Smoke Weed Everyday" Tee

Have your week planned out in advance when you rock the Smoke Everyday Tee. This green, cotton t-shirt features white and yellow screen printed calendar and pot leaf graphics.


Reg $17.99