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Willie Eyeglasses

Get willie with it in the Willie Eyeglasses! If your bridal party is a free-spirited group they'll love these round frame glasses with crazy eyebrow detail and willie-shaped schnoz.


Smoking Penis Pen


Mega Stretch Penis Extension Purple

The Mega Stretch Penis Extension lets you satisfy her in a whole new way! Not only does the added length and girth give you an extra advantage, but it also has a special bonus: stimulating ribs and nodules to increase her pleasure even more. Made of soft, stretchy silicone, it's amazingly…


Bachelorette Thing Toss

Get drunk and have fun because it's YOUR night when you drink from the Bachelorette Thing Toss. This pink cup features white graphics and comes complete with a lid, penis straw and four plastic rings.


Willy Creamer

Add a little cream to your coffee when you use the Willy Creamer. This penis-shaped creamer is perfect for the morning breakfast after a bachelorette party.


Hung Butt Plug With Bullet

…and easy entry smooth tip this little play toy is ready to please when your down on your knees. Simply turn it around and slip the handle on to the penis shaft for yet another exhilarating experience. The power Bullet motor adds an additional Electrifying vibration that will be sure to Rev things up…

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Penis Blame Me Tee

Do you seem to always get the shaft? Call it out when you wear the Penis Blame Me Tee. This white, cotton t-shirt features red and black lettering that reads: I Have A Penis, Blame Me For Everything.


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Glow in the Dark Penis Sipping Straws 10 Pk

At your next party, have your guests wrap their lips around these festive glow-in-the-dark straws. Each straw has a dicky mouth piece that looks so inviting, your guests will be looking for their own dicky straw. Each pack includes 10 straws.


Big Gummy Pecker Candy

Made with real fruit juice for a chewy treat that's fun to eat! Fruit flavored succulent Penis shaped Gummy!


'To Have & To Hold' Pint Glass

Ever wonder what they mean by,"To have and to hold"? Now you'll understand it a little better when you use the 'To Have & To Hold' Pint Glass. This white glass features pink penis graphics with black lettering.


Rainbow Jumbo Cock Pop

Taste the rainbow of flavors when you lick the Rainbow Jumbo Cock Pop. This super-sized, penis-shaped lollipop is a D-licious treat for any bachelorette.


Adonis Extension Sleeve

Size does matter! Adds a full 2/5 cm to length. Soft, sensual, ribbed extension with an accentuated penis head. Comfortable and discreet with unscented TPR. 6.5"x 1.5" One size fits all trim to fit.

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Penis Whistle 8 Pk

The whole party can blow these all night long. Makes a great item to include in each of the girls' party bags or as a pinata filler! Includes eight whistles.

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Pecker Earrings

Get the bride to be all decked out for her last night as a single lady when you make her wear these Pecker Earrings! Plastic penis-shaped earrings feature a fish hook closure for an easy to wear experience.


Pecker Garter

Have some fun with the bride-to-be when you bring along the Pecker Garter to her bachelorette party. This cute pink and white garter features three plastic, dangling penises.


Penis Shaped Confetti

We'd love to see the parade they sprinkle THIS confetti on. Multi-colored and glittering,it's a great addition to any adult party. You can even try sprinkling it on that special someone’s bed. They may not take the hint, but it sure is a ballsy move.


Penis Ruler

How do you measure up? Find out when you use this Penis Ruler. This wood ruler is shaped like a penis with testicles.


Rainbow Penis Lollipop

Treat the bachelorette to a tasty snack when you give her the Rainbow Penis Lollipop. This multicolor candy lollipop features a distinct penis shape - it's so much fun to suck on!


Bachelorette Penis Tissue Garland

Dick-orate the party when you have Bachelorette Penis Tissue Garland. This 9-foot long penis garland features clusters of pink peckers.


Pecker Candy Bouquet

Candy Penis - 6pc Bouquet are a great party decor item for all those wild and crazy parties you have. Fun, great tasting penis candy that will have them all licking, sucking, and laughing.


Inflatable Penis Decorations 4 Pk

Deck the halls with balls and peckers with these hilarious inflatable penis party decorations. perfect of indoor or outdoor use, these blolw-up peckers will have your guests smiling with joy at your next bachelorette bash or birthday party. each inflatable pecker comes with a hang-tab on the top so…


Pecker Ring Toss

Enjoy everyone's favorite game of horse shoes with your very own pecker toss. See just how manycolored rings you can toss onto thiscock target. This just might be more fun that pin the tail on the donkey! Come on, give it a toss!

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Pecker Cupcake Pans 6pk

…want to make some penis cupcakes. You'll need penis cupcake pans or molds. When you're done with them, we're sure you want to store them in your cupboard next to your Williams and Sonoma Frittata Pans and Silicone Baking Sheets. Or maybe you don't want evidence of your penis cupcake baking…


Pecker Noodle

Have some fun with the lady of the night when you bring along this Pecker Noodle. This inflatable penis will keep the bachelorette party occupied for hours.