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Light-up Green Leaf Lei


Pot Leaf Glow Shapes 50-Pack

Decorate your room with colorful marijuana leaves when you have the Pot Leaf Glow Shapes 50-Pack. This package contains different sized pot leaves in pink, blue, green and orange.

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Bowl Mole

Now you can enjoy your great smoke with the fresh flavor of your favorite fruit or the crisp taste of a delicious vegetable anywhere you can find produce. A convenience station, grocery store, restaurant, airport, or your mom's refrigerator all make good places to find something usable and probably,…


Weed 2015 Boxed Desktop Calendar

…know about the psychoactive substance Bill Clinton didn't inhale—but many others did. From how to grow it and places to hide it to myths debunked and pot in pop culture, this smokin' calendar is guaranteed to keep you giggling—long after the buzz wears off. This calendar contains adult language and…


Bob Marley 'Leaf Dreads' Tee

Bob Marley is the most widely known and the best selling performer of reggae music and you can spread his love with this Bob Marley 'Leaf Dreads' Tee This men's tee is 100% cotton and a great addition to any wardrobe. · 100% Cotton · Machine wash cold, gentle cycle with like colors.…


Smoke Buddy with Bonus Keychain

The "Smoke Buddy" is a filtration system that you blow your smoke into and out the other end no smoke appears, and no smell. Very handy to have around and good for in the house use. Blow all the smoke though the smoke buddy and watch how there is NO SMOKE.

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Allover Pot Leaf Triangle Bikini

You'll be held in high esteem when you wear the Allover Pot Leaf Triangle Bikini. This black, 2-piece swimsuit features tie closures and red, green and yellow, allover pot leaf graphics.

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Pot Leaf Robe


Ivy Catsuit Adult Womens Costume

…the Ivy Catsuit Adult Women's Costume does the work for you! This skintight catsuit has a lifelike forest green leaf detail that runs down the neckline for a super sexy look that is undeniable. The matching leaf headband adds that extra villainous flair that will entice all of your subjects.


Guidette Inflatable Love Doll

She's the whore from the Jersey shore who always wants more! Meet Guidette, the filthy lil' pot-belly pig who loves balls on her chin more than the all you can eat buffet! When this pudgy porker ain't tanning or stuffing her face, she's busy blowin' every guido on the boardwalk with a tan and a tank…


Leaf Athletic Black Knee High Socks

Get the perfect (knee) high feeling when you wear the Leaf Athletic Black Knee High Socks. This pair of black knee highs feature green pot leaf graphics and green stripes.


Mountain High Poster

The Mountain High Poster is simply an image of a pot smoker paradise and a great piece of art!


Rainbow Rasta Pot Leaf Dangle Banana Belly Button Ring

You'll be five times as high and fly wearing this Rainbow Rasta Pot Leaf Dangle Banana Belly Button Ring. Metal curve belly ring with clear crystal gemstone is attached to a red, yellow, green, blue and purple pot leaf dangle that hangs vertically from the midriff.

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