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Pot Leaf Glow Shapes 50-Pack

Decorate your room with colorful marijuana leaves when you have the Pot Leaf Glow Shapes 50-Pack. This package contains different sized pot leaves in pink, blue, green and orange.

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The High Life Poster

Nothing like a good marijuana infographic. Stay informed and educate your house guests with this High Life poster.


Leaf Cutout Junior Fitted Tank

You could never cut out the leaf, but this shirt cuts it out and it only makes it stand out more. Snag this Leaf Cutout Junior Fitted Tank and blaze your own trail.

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Pot Leaf Garter Set

We highly recommend the Pot Leaf Garter Set for a hot and heavy bedding and baking session. Pair this pot leaf garter with your favorite bra or corset (not included).


Pot Leaf Sublimation Slip-on Unisex Shoes

What's green and black with pot leaves all over? These amazingly comfortable Pot Leaf Sublimation Slip-on Shoes. Tool around the house in footwear designed with your interests in mind. High style, indeed.


17" Rainbow Lava Lamp

…this color-tastic lava lamp. If you look hard enough, this 17" rainbow lava light with a yellow, green and blue tinted globe just might lead you to your very own pot o’ gold. Finished off with a colorful cap and base, this rainbow lava lamp is a must for anyone with an, ahem, colorful personality.

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Rasta Leaf Slip-on Unisex Shoes

If you're blazin' around the house, perhaps it's time you slipped on a pair of these ultra-comfy Rasta Leaf Shoes. Man, woman...no matter, these are unisex, so anyone can enjoy the high style of these canvas rasta-colored slip ons with smokin' pot leaf design.


Rasta Leaf Galaxy Amplifying Speaker

…Simply turn on the speaker, lay your phone on top, start the tunes and - BOOM! - the music is amplified. Perfect for your dorm room, bedroom or small apartment. The speaker is small, sleek and comes decked out in a rasta-colored pot leaf design. No wires, no muss, no fuss -- just pure sound.

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Pot Leaf Bandana Fleece Blanket

These two chillin' designs go together like peanut butter and jelly. Lay your head down and mellow out this all polyester fleece pot leaf bandana fleece blanket. It's smokin'!


One Love Sublimation Crew Socks

With Rasta-colored pot leaf design, stretchy, comfort fit poly blend material and cushioned heel, this One Love Sublimation Crew Socks spread the love to both of your feet.


Pot Leaf Boyshort

Under that professional facade is a rule breaker, right? That is where these Pot Leaf Boyshorts come in handy. You might not be able to fully express yourself in school or at the office, but you can still support the lifestyle in high style with these pot leaf logo, black and green boyshorts.

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Sublime Leaf Seatbelt

Jam out when you wear this officially licensed Sublime Leaf Seatbelt. Black belt features green "Sublime" lettering and green pot leaf graphics along with a seatbelt buckle closure. Belt is one size fits most – waist sizes 24" - 38".


Best Buds Poster

Check out some of the best buds you know when you decorate your walls with the Best Buds Poster. This black poster features images of several different strains of marijuana.

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Green LED Pot Leaf Stash Jar

Keep your stash safe when you use the Green LED Pot Leaf Stash Jar. This awesome glass jar feature a green LED light with three modes: fast blink, slow blink, and on.


Pot Leaf Robe

Be the king of your herb castle in this Rasta-colored pot leaf robe. Made of comfy 100% polyester fleece, this one piece robe features a pot leaf design, rasta colors and green neck/arm trim. Once you're snuggled in, turn up "Redemption Song" and soak it all in.

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The Marijuana Chef Cookbook

…read for stoners who like their meals medicated, their drug tests passed and their evenings spent higher than a kite with cut strings. Veteran pot writer S.T.Oner has improved once again upon his best-selling cookbook: bolstered by sales of his recent hit series, Cannabis Indica / Sativa: The…


Floral Smoke Junior Fitted Muscle Tank

Be DOPE in this sweet fitting, super comfortable Floral Smoke Junior Fitted Muscle Tank.


Rainbow Skies Stash Backpack

Peace, love and freedom is all you need and of course the Rainbow Skies Stash Backpack! This hippie inspired mini backpack carries all your essentials and features a hidden stash pocket.


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Pot Bandana 2 Sided Sublimated Tee

This green "Pot Bandana 2 Sided Sublimated Tee" takes all of your interests to heart. Weed, um, weed and, well, weed. With pot leaf design, this 100% cotton t-shirt will be your new go to piece of menswear.


Reg $29.99

Green Leaf LED Suspenders

Light up, then light up the party in these Green Leaf LED Suspenders. These adjustable, leaf detailed suspenders feature THREE (3) different LED light effect settings, guaranteed to set any party a-blaze.


14 Gauge Steel Turquoise Dreamcatcher Banana Belly Button Ring

Keep the nightmares away when you wear this 14 Gauge Steel Turquoise Dreamcatcher Banana Belly Button Ring. Silver circular net stud attaches to silver dangling leaf and three turquoise beads. Ball and thread closure.

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17" Rasta Leaf Lava Lamp

Blaze one with this rasta leaf lava lamp. This 17" tall reggae-themed lava light will infuse any joint with some laid back style. The yellow and red tinted globe and rasta colored cap and base set the tone. It's up to you to stir it up!

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