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Blow Job Recipe Shooter

Get in the mood for a nice hummer when you have the Blow Job Recipe Shooter. This clear glass shooter features a pink penis graphic and a drink recipe. It holds 2 fluid ounces and is recommended to be hand washed.

Sunscreen Flask

…and bring into events that allow sunscreen! Going on a cruise? No problem! Avoid the overpriced drinks on the ship by filling up at the ports! The sun shot is a great way to hide your booze, sneak it on a cruise ship, smuggle booze wherever your sunscreen can go and save money. Holds up to 8 oz.

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Glowing Shotglasses 24 Pk

Light up the night with our patented GlowPong Glowing Party Cups! Our 9 oz. version (cocktail size) is perfect for any occasion or location. Parties, concerts, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, the beach, camping, raves... Anywhere the lights are low, these puppies will GLOW for 8-12 hours! Simply use…

Ice Shot Glasses

Makes 12 ice shot glasses and includes 1 serving tray

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3 oz. Tonight's Forecast Shot Glass

This 3 oz. Tonight's Forecast: Alcohol, Low Standards, and Poor Decisions shot glass is more accurate than your local weatherman.

3 oz. Stoner Advisory Shot Glass

Excuse us! We have a very important announcement: We're currently under a Stoner Advisory. An extreme high is expected. Grab your snacks, papers and this 3 oz. Stoner Advisory Shot Glass and make your way to the nearest party. Quick.

3 oz.Thug Life Black Gun Shot Glass

Pull the trigger and get the most gangster shot glass around with the 3 oz. Thug Life Black Gun Shot Glass.

Shot Roulette

…To play, simply turn the wheel to see whose number is up. If your shot glass corresponds to the number played, empty the glass and spin it again. Set includes spinning roulette wheel, 2 balls and 16 numbered glass shot glasses, each holding 2 oz. For ages 21 and up. Please remember to always drink…

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Sperm Shot Glass Set

Swallow a few with these Sperm Shot Glasses. The set, which arrives as a three (3) pack, doesn't beat around the bush. Do a "cum shot" or three with this irreverent drinkware. Go ahead, see if you can handle the load.

Chips Drinking Game

Pick your color, shoot the chip, follow the instructions, and have fun!! Includes 6 shotglasses

Shots! Poster

Wall art to guide your bartending - how practical! Hang this Shots! Poster and never have a dull drink again.

Keep Calm Plastic Shot Glass 4 Pack

Keep calm and get your drink on with the Keep Calm 4 Pack Plastic Shots. You'll welcome Sunday funday with these colorful "keep calm" shots. All of your friends will be reaching for these fun-filled shots.

Light-Up Boobie Shot Glass

Drink up when you have the awesome Light-Up Boobie Shot Glass. This excellent shot glass is shaped like a lovely woman's body and features a light-up mechanism that sets it apart from all the rest.

3 oz. RX Shot Glass

You've got a fever, and the only prescription is more drinking. Take your medicine in this 3 oz. RX Shot Glass. Doctor's orders.

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Glitter American Flag Shot Glass

Celebrate your country every time you get drunk using the Glitter American Flag Shot Glass. This red, white and blue, glittery stars and stripes shot glass holds 1.5 fluid ounces of your favorite drink.

Spin the Shot Glass Drinking Game

Remember Spin the Bottle? Spin the Shot is the same game, except you are playing for shots and there is no kissing involved; unless you want to… Spin the Shot is the newest party game to hit the circuit. Pour a shot into the shot glass (provided), spin the wheel and whomever the arrow points to must…

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Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right Shooter Set

Give the happy couple a funny gift when you give them the Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right Shooter Set. One glass says, "Mr. Right" while the other says, "Mr. Always Right".

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3 oz. Party With Bitches and Hoes Shot Glass

You roll deep with this 3 ounce Party with Bitches and Hoes Shot Glass. Cheers, bitches!

Black Light Shot Glass Set

This set of 24 plastic shot glasses will make a statement at your next party...and, they are black light responsive.

2 oz. Batman Laser Shot Glass Set

Batman, Robin and the Joker are represented as part of this 2 oz. Batman shot glass set. Four shot glasses, each satisfying your love for the Caped Crusader.