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sounds like a fart. But why stop there? Elevate your gassy pranks to a new level with the state of the art in farts, the Fart-O-Nator. More than a fart machine, it combines the best in precision fart automation, offering a plethora of fart sound effects savor the long wet one, sample the simple but effective
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The Super LED Dome Plus is a party in a box! It features red, green and blue LED lights. It is sound activated, has a strobe effect, adjustable speed control, and a DMX Control. Can be displayed on a shelf or hung from the ceiling.
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Are you looking for the most unique sound system on the market? If so, you gotta get yourself The Water Dancing Speakers. Just plug these speakers into your IPod, MP3 player, or home computer and let the eye candy begin. These one of a kind speakers shoot water into the air while dancing to the rhythm…
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$39.99 Reg $49.99
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