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World's Smallest Laser Guns

Channel your inner-child when you play with the World's Smallest Laser Guns. Complete with flashing lights, this pair of red and blue toy laser guns features 8 different sound effects.


Reg $12.99

The Fart O Nator Extreme

…Fart-O-Nator. More than a fart machine, it combines the best in precision fart automation, offering a plethora of fart sound effects savor the long wet one, sample the simple but effective toot. Vibration activated when sat on Motion activated within 10ft Remote activated up to 100ft Dual functions:…

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Super LED Dome Plus

The Super LED Dome Plus is a party in a box! It features red, green and blue LED lights. It is sound activated, has a strobe effect, adjustable speed control, and a DMX Control. Can be displayed on a shelf or hung from the ceiling.


Watershow Speakers

…These speakers also feature internal microphones that not only pick up the sound from the device you are plugged into, but it can also respond to the sound from any other speakers in the room, making these the most sound responsive watershow speakers on the market. Just plug these speakers into your…


Reg $49.99

Darth Vader Lightsaber

…father! This is an official reproduction of the Darth Vader Lightsaber from Episode IV: A New Hope. It includes a brightlycolored red blade that ignites with realistic power up and power down light effects. It also comes with sound effects digitally recorded from the movie! Batteries not included.


Large Dome Disco Bulb

Turn any light fixture into an instant party with the Large Dome Disco Bulb. This sound activated multicolor LED light can be used in an overhead ceiling fixture so that the downward light effects will illuminate walls and floors. This bulb can replace any standard bulb.