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Hot Pink Dance Pole Kit

…your life: Hot Pink Dance Pole. Awaken the sexy goddess within - everyone has what it takes to be sexy with the right equipment and this is it. The Hot Pink Dance Pole Kit has everything you need to perfect your stripper pole routines, or exercise your hot pole dancing showgirl skills. Suitable…

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Spinning Light Up Dance Pole

…block with this Spinning Light Up Dance Pole. Professional quality and easy set up, this pole - which can either spin or remain stationary - comes with detachable LED light that pulsates to the music. Do a little dance, make a little love...get your moves down tonight with this sexy hot dance pole.

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Professional Light-up Pole Kit

The Professional Light-up Dance Pole Kit has everything you need to pole dance almost anywhere! Easy to install, easy to take down, and easy to carry any place you like, pro quality and styling make this the perfect vehicle for you to gyrate, spin and move your body to the pulse pounding music.…

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Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Dance Pole

…dance pole fantasies! With the Fantasy Pole set up in the comfort of your home, you can perform intimate, one-on-one private striptease sessions for you and your lover to enjoy. You'll both love how easy-to-use the pole is, and with practice, you'll be moving seductively and twirling around the pole

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Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Disco Light-up Dance Pole

…living room into your very own private dance stage with the Light-Up Disco Dance Pole. You're the star and your room's the stage for you to act out your most erotic dance pole fantasies! With the Disco Dance Pole set up in the comfort of your home, you can perform intimate, one-on-one private…

Stripper Garden Gnome

…garden guests by simply standing there in a pointy red hat and looking cute. Some want to look hot. Take the Naughty Dancin' Gnome for example. This pole dancin' gnome babe wants to shake what her mama gave her, and you know you want to watch! Park her in your garden for a truly unique decor. Paired…

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Selfie Stick

pole - without extensions - is a slim 9" long and easily slides into a purse or laptop bag for easy storage. When needed, it extends fully to nearly 40", giving you the perfect vantage point for large group pictures, sweet videos and more! Snag great pics and video with this fully-extendable pole.

Selfie Stick With Remote

Want a selfie stick you can operate wirelessly? This is IT! This simple-to-use unit, with remote shutter, extends up to 3 feet and utilizes a small, hand held remote. The remote features two buttons: one for your main camera and another that rotates the image to your rear lens. GREAT for vacations,…

Silhouette Pole Dancer Poster

Let's face it -- there aren't too many things that are sexier than the female body. Keep that sexy shape close when you decorate your walls with the Silhouette Pole Dancer Poster.

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